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UK Passenger Jet Barely Misses UFO

May 2nd 2013 2:04PM They never left.

'Neighbor from Hell' Goes To Jail After Harassing Minn. Family

Jun 6th 2012 2:56AM We weren't rich, we were lower middle class. We had a morgage. Sold our house for less than it was worth, and bought another at a bargain price.
"Land" and "stuff" is not what's important. I would move again too. It is just not worth maintaing a war with a neighbor who is hell bent on focusing on making your lives miserable. If they can't change, move. Why subject your family to that? All moving is is "standing down".ie: refusing to be drawn further into a war your neighbor started. If after a certain period of time goes by and they are not "cooling off", reassess what is best for your family.

'Neighbor from Hell' Goes To Jail After Harassing Minn. Family

Jun 4th 2012 5:16PM I can't understand why people stay next door with this imbecile living next door dishing out abuse to them and their kids. That is definately NO way for her kids to grow up in a childhood filled with the hateful neighbor's actions.
I had neighbors from hell myself once. After a year it was plain to see they were absolutely crazy and not going to change.That they were not going to let things 'die down" and live civily. So we moved. We went to a nicer neighborhood where we lived in peace and never saw them again. We moved because constant harrassment was not how we wanted to live, and expose our daughter to living and growing up in that environment.
I can't understand why poeple stay and subject themselves(in some cases 40 years!)to that abuse from an individual who clearly is obsessing on making them her sole priority for abuse. I really think the ones who stay thrive on it, or else why would they stay? I think the ones who stay are sick too.
The expression "glutton for punishment" really applies to them. Both neighbors involved need pschyciatirc help. Preferrable before it escalates and someone gets killed.

Know When It's Time to Choose a New Vet

Jan 24th 2012 6:42PM yup, I been there too. I have 4 cats, all indoor cats. Healthy as can be. I asked them once if I could bring in all 4 at once to get vaccinations, but only pay one office visit charge. They said no. So what took 15 minutes top I had to pay 4 office fees of 38.00 each, plus the shots. What a rip off. I could see if I tied them up for an hour, but 15 minutes?

Know When It's Time to Choose a New Vet

Jan 24th 2012 6:39PM I agree with every thing you said. I recently switched to a new vet because the place was really new and had all the latest machines, etc. But it is obvious he doesn't like cats. And he really jacks up the bill with needless tests. He gets you over a barrel with them, because if you refuse, it looks like you don't care about your pet. And he piles on new products to up the bill too. I am going back to my old small-time old fashioned vet.

Prevent Holiday Weight Gain in Pets

Dec 23rd 2011 12:18PM I have found that the thin ribbons that you curl with scissors are irresistable to cats. I don't know what the ribbon is made of, but my cats act like it's catnip and try to eat it. It is really dangerous to their intestines as it can strangle them and allow gangrene to set in. I don't use these ribbons at all, and if some enter the hopuse on packages I cut it off... it's that bad.

Why Do Cats Stare?

Dec 17th 2011 11:13PM I will get stared at with love....really. They look right in my eyes and their eyes are full of love. When I catch them looking at me like that, I will bow my head and tell them to come closer, and they walk up and rub their head on my forehead. I call that 'kitty head-butts".
Sometimes they are just "spacing out" and I happen to be in their field of vision. Sometimes they are hungry and they are trying to telepathically tell me to feed
But most times it's the love thing. Sometimes they look like they are smiling at me too. Cats are way more intelligent than people give them credit for. I have owned dogs and cats, and cats were always smarter.

Trimming the Tree With Oskar the Blind Kitten

Dec 17th 2011 11:06PM must be a dog person.
lol....she should discipline
Dogs might let you discipline them cause they are so submissive.
Thank you, I haven't had that a good laugh in a while :o)

Trimming the Tree With Oskar the Blind Kitten

Dec 17th 2011 11:03PM Thank you so much for your videos of Oskar. My cat is developing blindness in one eye and I was heartbroken because I felt he would not have a good quality of life when he became blind in that eye. He is still young. But after seeing your videoes of Oskar playing and having a normal happy playful kitty life, I now know my cat will be fine and I don't have to fear it or feel sorry for him. Your Oskar is precious, and so is your other kitty :o).
I want to wish you and your kitties a very happy holiday season. :o)

7 Things That Drive Vets Crazy

Dec 17th 2011 10:51PM You are so right! We must have the same vet. I really hate the stuff he pushes on me that the animal really doesn't need, including extra tests.
On another note, the author sounds like she hates cats. And loves dogs. She didn't say one bad thing about dogs, notice?


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