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Can You Balance an Egg on the Equinox?

Mar 15th 2011 11:51AM Simply sprinkle a small amount of table salt into a pile, place the egg on the pile of salt,until it is balanced, and then blow the excess salt away...the oldest table trick around - duhhhh!

Brendan Steele, PGA Rookie, Criticizes Tiger Woods' Effort at Torrey Pines

Feb 2nd 2011 1:22PM Exactly WHO is Steele??? And his opinion about Tiger's efforts is nothing more than that - an opinion. If everyone who has an opinion were to receive the same "warholian coverage" as this kid, the web would grind to a halt. Besides, Steele's comments do not constitute the sort of criticism/blasting that AOL characterized them as being - merely another Sabbatini-type of ignorant utterance. If he had said something positive, I doubt it would have repeated!

Kobe Bryant: It's 'Stupid' That Nuggets Fans Are Booing Carmelo Anthony

Jan 21st 2011 4:32PM Too bad that ESPN and the various sportswriters around are making a circus act over Melo's contract can't turn on the tube or radio without hearing "the latest" about Anthony's situation...they did the same thing regarding Favre's drama-queen act, and will likely resurrect that BS later this year!! Leave the guy alone...Jeeez!!!

Ron Franklin Firing Sign of ESPN Getting Serious on Gender Issues

Jan 19th 2011 6:01PM Rather than fire Frankln, ESPN should stop hiring these "eye-candy" sideline reporters like Erin Andrews or Edwards! They spout out the dumbest questions, questioning players & coaches about their EMOTIONS involved in winning a game...EMOTIONS??? Gimme a break, Ladies...if you know ANYTHING about the game(s) you are covering (doubtful), then focus on that, not the emotional impacts of winning - what do you THINK they are feeling, remorse/disappointment or some deep-seated self-actualization?? ESPN forces these pieces of flesh on the crews assigned to a particular event to satisfy the PC Police, regardless of their qualifications (or lack thereof). They also hire semi-literate ex-jocks who cannot utter a single grammatically correct sentence, stick a mike in front of them and ask them to make analytical comments about the event being covered...a ridiculous proposition at best. And then there is Mel Kiper (sp?)..the most arrogant of all. Goodbye, ESPN!!!

Mike Singletary Fired by 49ers

Dec 27th 2010 1:23PM Just goes to prove that it takes more than a Hall of Fame ring as a linebacker top coach in today's NFL! Mike was over his head as a head coach, and the front office is reaping the rewards of their stupid decisions made years ago...Alex Smith for starters. The Yorks mean well, but that just doesn't cut it. They don'tknow football worth a damn, but insist on running the team - yeah, INTO THE GROUND!!!
Mike's a good man, but can't overcome his limited grasp of being a head coach. Takes far more than anything he brought to the table. It is not his fault, except for his failure to be honest with himself about his shortcomings. All the press conferences in the world cannot fill the void he brought with him. Good luck, Mike...stick to coaching L/B's somewhere else...Chicago is a good idea!

Tiger Woods Needs to Learn From Michael Vick's Blueprint

Nov 19th 2010 2:56PM If Elin was a black woman, there would not havebeen all of the self-righteous indignation soaring around the world... same goes for OJ.

Tiger Woods Needs to Learn From Michael Vick's Blueprint

Nov 19th 2010 2:54PM Pretty ignorant suggestion...if he did, he would have to kill his wife, stupid!

Tiger Woods Needs to Learn From Michael Vick's Blueprint

Nov 19th 2010 2:52PM Amen!!! Well said, Pal!

From Now On, Randy Moss Will Only Take Questions From ... Himself

Nov 1st 2010 11:30AM What a STUPID comment! I mean, REALLY STUPID!!! Not even perfect spelling can mask your abject ignorance. If Moss was standing in front of you, you would not have the courage to say it to his face, so you hide behing your WalMart keyboard and utter outrageously ignorant comments from the safety of your barn...BWAHAHAHAHA, idiot.


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