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Ben Jacobs

Ben Jacobs

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Cooking Spray - Unusual Uses

Jan 15th 2011 1:54PM Actually, just spray it on and then use a paper twoel to make sure the entire surface is covered.

Cooking Spray - Unusual Uses

Jan 15th 2011 11:27AM Another use for PAM is that when sprayed on satetellite dishes, it keeps snow or other frozen percipitation from sticking to it interrupting the signal and reception.

W. Virginia Bill Would Yank Your Driver's License if Your Kid Misses Too Much School

Jan 11th 2011 9:19AM Parents don't need a law to allow them to discipline their children. If they are younger than 18. Shows how far we as a society have fall have slid in our responsibilities to children

Ready for Changes at 'The Price is Right?' Come on Down!

Jul 23rd 2010 8:02AM I have watched TPIR sice I was a child. Bill Cullen was the host and the constestans sat behind a panel-desk. The games as it has been for the past years, has changed for the better and Bob Barker was an excellend host. The choosing of Drew Cary has proven not to be a good one. I has plastic and makes some really inappropiate comments in an "off-hand" manner. A new host would culre any ills that TPIR has. Whomever chose Mr. Carey needs to rethink the choice. Bob Barker carried the show... the show carries Drew Cary.


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