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Billy Ray Cyrus Calls Off His Divorce

Mar 17th 2011 8:27PM A child is never too old to be influenced by its Parents. Kids still need advice, even if it is more in the 'Adult Friend/Parent' category. Parents CAN sometimes learn from their kids. I have.

Herschel Walker Wins Strikeforce MMA Bout by First-Round TKO

Jan 30th 2011 5:51PM Human Cockfighting. Disgusting. I don't watch this stuff but only read to see if Herschel is getting out. What a shame to see such a great athlete as Herschel demean himself and having to stoop so low. Good Luck Herschel, hope you get out of this mockery soon and without any injuries.

Love Analytix: The Female Dictionary

Jan 8th 2011 9:11PM Women are goofy. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Life is too short for stupid 'mind games'.

Sam Hornish Jr. May Return to Indy 500

Dec 3rd 2010 6:25PM Sam has proven he is a Great Talent, he just couldn't get in the NASCAR Groove. Anyone that open wheel races within inches at 200+ MPH and Wins has what it takes! Just maybe not with fenders? Good Luck Sam!

Randy Moss Fined $25,000 for Giving Silent Treatment to Media

Oct 30th 2010 1:16AM It is time Players, Drivers, Coaches, etc. tell their respective organizations to SHOVE their fines, NOT PAY them and go ahead and speak their piece. Freedom of speech and all that. If the organizations can't take a little criticism they should straighten up and get THEIR acts, Refs, Umps, Business Managers,etc. together!

Behind The Scenes: NHTSA's New 5-Star Safety Rating

Oct 10th 2010 12:30AM The real problem is the cars get better and the drivers get WORSE. With all the air-bags and safety stuff people feel invincible. WHY else would you even consider talking and texting via a cellphone or doing your nails while driving. STUPID People are the Problem-----NOT the vehicles. Most people cannot back up a vehicle down a long narrow alley using just their mirrors---let alone parallel park!

Brett Favre-Jenn Sterger Allegations Being Looked at by NFL

Oct 9th 2010 2:02AM Brett---PLEASE JUST GO AWAY before you become Football's Pete Rose! You were/are a great player but just TOO MUCH DRAMA! What with the Retire/unretire/retire again stuff and now this ----IT JUST AIN"T WORTH IT!! Leave--NOW!! Don't embarrass us fans any more than you have. Sheeeeesh!!!

Denny Hamlin Blasts RCR, Kevin Harvick Strikes Back in Practice

Sep 25th 2010 11:31PM I am NOT particularly a JGR fan; but Harvick has tried being a bully with everyone from Biffle through Hamlin until now. NOTHING ever happens except talk and a little shoving. Kevin usually keeps his helmet on too, if you notice! Officials intervene or something. Harvick is always crowding the new guys up high on the track even when running in 20th place, just to be a butt. He is a good driver but a big bully that bad mouths his crew when they make a mistake but expects them not to say anything when he screws up. Just a Wimp and a Bully.

Bowyer Penalty Costs Him, Team 150 Points After Car Fails Inspection

Sep 22nd 2010 10:29PM After all the beating and banging and spinning a few times, and with the springs, etc. getting hot from racing I would bet that NONE of the cars meet Spec!! $150,000 for 1/16"-----Give me a Break!!

Bowyer Penalty Costs Him, Team 150 Points After Car Fails Inspection

Sep 22nd 2010 10:19PM If it goes past Prerace Tech it should be LEGAL. Several people have been penalized by heighth infractions due to the chassis adjustments made during the races??? Check for Minimum height at racing weight at the lowest adjustments at the start and let 'em race.


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