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Leona Helmsley Estate Sells at Cut Rate

Oct 13th 2010 8:32AM I hope that jewess is burning in hell.

What Teachers Wish Obama Knew About the Education System

Oct 3rd 2010 10:55PM Its "couldnt care less."

LSU Tops Tennessee After Vols Lose Count of Players on Field

Oct 3rd 2010 10:52AM I am a huge UT fan and have been since I was old enough to know about college sports. I hope Derek Dooley turns things around, but on the sidelines he reminds me of Houston Nutt.

Dad Reprimanded for Letting Daughter Walk to Bus Stop

Sep 15th 2010 8:38AM Get over your obsessive hatred of George W Bush.

Deciphering Stephen Hawking

Sep 3rd 2010 2:35PM Hawking was created from a bacteria in a human turd.

Progress! Asylum Fires Question at the President, Gets Wave

Sep 2nd 2010 9:59PM You really think she paid her expenses? You are a typical libtard dolt.

Should the Child Who Inherited My Name Inherit Everything Else?

Aug 26th 2010 7:28PM One of the worst names of all times is Dakota. Gawd I HATE that name!

Hold the Phone: Do You Text During Class?

Aug 25th 2010 10:30PM Some teens need their azzez busted. If i was a teacher and caught this going on, I would confiscate the phones and KEEP THEM.

Oprah Winfrey Previews Her Show's Final Season

Aug 24th 2010 6:36PM Good Riddance. Oprah has become a total bore.

You Won't Hear a Peep From Elin About Tiger Divorce

Aug 23rd 2010 10:37PM She was a fool to engage in bestiality. She is tainted.


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