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How to Repair Drywall

Aug 7th 2010 7:20PM I have a better and universal idea for patching big holes in drywall. You simply get a piece of cardboard that is wax coated on one side-maybe from a beer box. Make it a shape that you can move around the inside of the hole and once in position, and you know that the hole is completely covered on the inside, remove the cardboard.. Then blow up a balloon with it being inside the wall and allow it form a small bulge outside the wall. You then manouvre the cardboard into the hole with the wax side facing you. The balloon keeps the cardboard flush with the inside of the wall. Next (if you want to) push pieces of thin wire into the sides of the drywall -horizontally- that will act as reinforcement.
Simply spread your pink spackle into the opening with a scraper that is wider than the hole and the moisture from the spackle will not be sucked into the cardboard as it has a waxed coating. When dry, a light sand and paint. Works every time!


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