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Home Ec: Junk Drawer Overhaul

Aug 8th 2010 9:21PM I use many of my recycling items to store and organize drawers at home and work.
Tuna fish cans are great for push pins, paper clips, elastic bands, extra keys, tape measure, candles & matches, etc. They are shallow yet wide at the top for very easy access and have no annoying lids to take off and replace-a time waster! These are also perfect for shallow drawers.
A small, battery-operated pencil sharpener is very handy kept in the drawer near pencils instead of another location. I keep scissors there as I use them for countless jobs each day. Scissors, pencils, pens, letter opener, etc. store well in cardboard containers that may have boxed candle sets or other items before being recycled.
Leftover wallpaper scraps make attractive drawer liners and are easily cleaned when the task becomes necessary.
Have an extra desk organizer? With several different sized compartments, it will make good order of that multi-use drawer! With any space left along the sides, you can place long items such as a ruler, small fly swatter, barbeque lighter, etc. in this handy location.
The possibilities are endless. Have fun!


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