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Handmade: Bundt Pan Pendant Lamp

Aug 9th 2010 1:41AM Hey, I got it! I just read about how to get rid of friuit flies, other uses for dryer sheets, and now bunt pan lights! Well hay all your problems with fruit flys, making something stupid with a light and hang your fruit up all at the same time, just use a cullender instead of a bunt pan, fix it as a light, stick dryer sheet peices threw the holes and tie them into ringlets to ward off the fruit bugs and hang your fruit on it like grapes or bananas, then you have a versatile peice of..... that solves all 3 problems at the same time. Or hook the electrical wire wrong and mabe you will have a bug zapper and you won't have to waste the dryer sheets. It will also teach the kids to make sure their hands are good and dry after they wash them before they pick the fruit. Wow you can even put beads, ribbon, trim, or just about anything you can think of on it and sell it on e-bay, informercials on tv, etc. But I get half the rights for thinking of it! I think I will go and make one and test it out on the nieghbors cat! But I need my Banjo music to get me in the mood! Bing ba bing bing bing bing bing, baba baba bing bing. Weee doggies!!


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