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DIY Warrior: How to Make Compost

Aug 12th 2010 6:27AM There's certainly an art to making good compost - some good tips here! Whether you make your own, or buy a compost bin, there's a multiude of designs and things to consider. One of the issues that often gets forgotten is what your bin looks like. Lets face it, if you have a lot of pride in your garden, you don't want to ruin the effect with an ugly great monster composting in the corner! That's why I prefer wooden composters - with a little time and a little grubbyness they can blend right into your garden. However if you have a really dark corner, or have some garden screening to hide things, a dark plastic bin would also do the job.

One of the main design faults I've noticed with shop bought compost bins is accessibility. Plastic compost bins often have an unloading access point at their base, but this is often too small and awkward to get a decent amount out at a time. Thats why my favourites are the Chamberlain style compost bins, with removable slats so you can load and unload at will!


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