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Florida Parents Sue Boy Scouts Over Hiking Death of Their Son

Jan 20th 2011 7:44PM We don't know what happened on the hike, especially without an autopsy. How did the other Scouts fare? Were any of them suffering from heat related illnesses? Was Michael prone to cry wolf and/or quit? Or was he one to drive on well past common sense says stop? When you push troops in the Army, you have to force them to drink water, and you have to witness them drink. Why? Because for whatever reason people hate to hydrate themselves properly. I've seen people drop from heat and cold injuries, most of the time they were adamant in not taking proper early corrective action. As to triple digit temperatures, they are just like single digit temperatures, properly adjust your activities for the diminished physical output capabilities, and drive on. Funny thing about the temperature comment, "it went into triple digits that day," did they hike in the early morning well before the heat of the day? Was it triple digits where they were? Was the triple digits a noon spike reading of 100 on a downtown parking garage weather station? There are just so many questions without an autopsy and fuller comments from other participants. One thing is for sure, Scouting voluteer numbers will drop.

Foreclosures Go From Sluggish to Frozen

Oct 12th 2010 2:18PM Lisa, your problem is North Carolina! Ilived in Charlotte for year and had to relocate back to New York. My former landlord billed out my entire security deposit for new carpeting because I had two dogs. Sounds fair except that the unit I rented was suppossed to get new carpeting before I moved. My lease was modified to reflect that I and my wife would take the unit without the new carpet, as was promised, and that the new carpet the unit needed would be installed after we moved out. When I complained to the proper agency their response was,"You are in New York now we won't do anything for you." North Carolina is the most anti-consumer state I have ever lived in. I have owned properties in NY, and NJ, and rented in NY, NJ, NC, Ohio, Florida, Georgia and Florida. The absolute worst state for consumer rights was North Carolina by far.

Remove Wallpaper Faster with These 5 Shortcuts

Aug 31st 2010 3:29PM Hands down DIF Gel is the absolute best product to strip wallpaper. I have been a painting and wallpaper contractor for over 20 years. Never score a vinyl coated wallpaper. The vinyl easily peels off in large pieces leaving the paper substrate. Roll on the DIF Gel, let it soak in a few minutes and the backing generally comes right off in large pieces. I am reminded of one customer I met at a home expo show. They tried everything, even gel. to remove their wallpaper. They had only removed about 1 sqaure foot. Me and one of my painters had 3/4 of the kitchen stripped by lunch and I was already hanging the new paper. We started at 8 and were out the door by 5, old paper removed and new installed. My advice is save yourself the mess, hire a professional contractor and be done with it. Look for either a NGPP (National Guild of Professional Paperhangers), or PDCA (Professional Painting and Decorating Contractors of America) professional.

Who Earns What on TV? Stars' Pay Deals Revealed

Aug 14th 2010 11:46AM I don't begrudge what anyone makes for doing their job. However, in America there is a real disconnect between the entertainment industry and the majority of Americans. To quote Shakespeare, "The lies in ourselves, not in the stars." The American public holds meat puppets, as actors are known in the trade, as demi semi-gods for some strange reason. If the public didn't buy all those celebrity magazines, watch all those vapid celebrity "news" shows and flock for autographs the market would dictate a severe lowering of "star" value. If you do not like the amount of money paid to actors, don't watch their shows, don't buy the products advertised, and don't feel the need to "know" them.
The only issue I have with the above article is the reference to $30K an episode as "seeming paltry". How many families live on less than that a year? At 15 - 20 episodes a year that is $450- $600K annually, not too shabby for an obivously low talent on an under performing show. New York State's top unemployment benefit is $405 a week, just over $21K a year, deemed an acceptable amount to live on.
The only true outrage is that the writers don't make anywhere near actors' pay. It is the writing for shows like 'Law and Order' that push its popularity where as tight nubile bodies with large breasts drove 'Baywatch's' popularity.


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