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Judy G

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When Adult Children Fight, a Mother's Heart Breaks

Nov 1st 2010 6:03PM My youngest daughter developed MS when she was 30. I did
everything I could for her - took her to 2 out of state clinical trials,
took care of new baby for nearly a year, drove her where ever she
wanted to go, had her and her husband (at that time) move into my
home, etc., etc..

When they moved to another state I was still on call - even though
I was taking care of both parents. When they died, I decided to
relocate to be closer to her as she was divorced by that time.

I gave her money for a car, new carpeting, etc. and then she met
another man. It has been six years since she has seen her only
sibling, and her nieces and nephew, even though they visited me
here this summer. It has been nearly 4 years since I've been
"allowed" to see my grandson.

Her excuse? I've never been good to her, or did anything for her,
I might turn her son against her, etc., etc.!

I'm 71, have had a stroke since I moved here, had a knee replacement which went so wrong that my foot is burning and
numb feeling all the time and I developed asthma since I moved

My oldest daughter developed cancer 4 years ago, so I went to
stay with her to take care of her, and her three young children.
The day of her surgery, her sister called to see if she really did
have a "problem". She has never contacted her since!

It's so easy for others to tell you to "let the youngest go" - but it is
so much more difficult because I only live 1 mile from my grandson
and am not allowed to see him! This creates such pain that at
times I feel overwhelmed with sadness! Not only for myself, but for
my grandson, who has effectively been cut off from his family. He's
an only child, so I can predict how he will feel as he ages and his
mother becomes totally dependent or even dies.

Her new husband - if they are in fact married, has an alias (I did a
computer check on him) and is very controlling. He has pushed so
that my grandson has very little contact with his real Dad and no
contact with his other grandparents.

I pray that something will happen to change the situation for my
grandson - and my daughter!

The Daily Fix: Repair Bubbles in Veneer

Aug 15th 2010 6:34PM Does this work with laminated flooring?


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