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Retired Marine's Multi-Use Garage Sparks Controversy in Dearborn

Jul 3rd 2013 5:45PM Time to leave Dearborn, maybe MI.

Tiny House for Sale in Arkansas Has Everything but Room

Mar 31st 2013 9:56AM Really? $23k for a mini-barn?

Michelle Hansen Tags Home With Message to Chase Bank: You're 'Stealing' My House

Feb 10th 2013 8:59AM You have to pay your bills, you are asking for a favor and were turned down, move on.

Squatters in Littleton, Colo., Couple's Home Refuse to Vacate Despite Judge's Ruling

Jul 31st 2012 6:15PM Glad I don't live in CO if they let this cr@p go on.

Homeless Man Robert Downs' Camouflaged Shack Shielded Him From Authorities for Months, Police Say

Jul 22nd 2012 8:54AM sorry, can't let him squat illegally and grow dope in a public park. It's not fair to the public who use the park properly and pay taxes.

Former Delaware Peach Plantation Has an ... Airstrip?

Jun 30th 2012 8:30AM What's the big deal about an airstrip? Tons of farms out here in the midwest have grass airstrips.

Solar Ready Roofs: California's New Homebuilding Standard

Jun 2nd 2012 8:44AM Eliminate chimneys?? Really?? I have a gas furnace, gas logs, and gas water heater which requires a chimney.

Solar Ready Roofs: California's New Homebuilding Standard

Jun 2nd 2012 8:42AM California leads in stupidity again. This will only drive up constructions costs and force my people to leave that stupid state.

Dual Agency: How a Real Estate Agent May Be Two-Timing You

Feb 29th 2012 7:03PM No kidding, just like car salesmen??


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