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Ray  Russell

Ray Russell

Member Since Aug 21st, 2010

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2 Easy DIY Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

Aug 21st 2010 3:48PM Since I just completed a kitchen cabinet replacement project, I think these are great ideas. My old kitchen had 10 feet of counter place with 6 drawers. Now that I have extened the cabinets into the dinning area I now have 22.5 feet of counter top space and 19 drawers. I just wish I had taken better photos of the before and after.

Washer and Dryer Tune-Up

Aug 21st 2010 2:57PM I've been a appliance repairman for 20 years. When I clean the area under the lint filter I hold in the door switch with the dryer running so that as the brush loosens the lint the blower gets rid of it. After that step I remove the vent hose from the back of the dryer and hook up a electric leaf blower to clean out the vent to the outside. I once blew 3 bird nests 15 feet out from the building.


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