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Fixing My Grandmother's Hand Mixer - A Thanksgiving DIY Tale

Nov 22nd 2010 4:22PM This is my family's first Thanksgiving without my grandmother who passed away one month ago. She was never a very good cook, but, boy, could she bake. This year its my job to make the Thanksgiving desserts in her absence. I'm making everything that she would have made in memory of her. Your own story hit home with me; I'm glad that we are both going to be carrying on the family traditions this year.

Help! I Can't Stop Sweating -- 5 Sure Ways to Prevent Pit Stains

Aug 27th 2010 9:55PM I had this same problem. Something the article does not mention is a perscription product called drysol. Visit a dermatologist to get a perscription. Its a topical antiperspirant not an oral medication. They also sell a lower strength over the counter called certain dry. I used it for about a year and no longer get stains unless I am working out. Hope this helps. I still use deodrant but when I was using the drysol I did not have to use any deodrant.


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