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Pro Framer for over 40 years

Pro Framer for over 40 years

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DIY Warrior: Swap Out a Professionally Framed Picture

Sep 7th 2010 6:27PM While it's a great idea to reuse an old frame, there is so much wrong with the author's techniques and advice it's not even funny! Do yourself and your art a favor and go to an independant professional frame shop. We'd charge about 20 bucks to do this right for the size frame used as an example. Utilizing the right materials, techniques and with the design experience of a professional you can make a silk purse from a sow's ear!
The most glaring mistake is the way the author advises to attach the art to the mat. NEVER attach it with glue or double faced tape to the back of the mat as this ruins the front of the print. Only the chain stores or the mass marketers use techniques such as this.
Although not all picture framers will work with you to retro fit an existing frame with new art, most will. We routinely do this for several reasons. 1) good customer relations 2) It adds to our cash flow 3) less waste in the landfill and therefore good for the envioriment and 4) it keeps our staff busy in slow times.
I urge you to use this link to find a Professional Framer near you.


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