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Kettle Chips Baked Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper Chips

Feb 26th 2009 9:57PM These are one of my favourites, along with the Sea Salt and Vinegar. You can't go back to regular potato chips after Kettle.

Precautions to Avoid Salmonella Infection

Jan 26th 2009 1:14AM My husband emailed a cookie dough company when he was younger asking if it was safe to eat their cookie dough, as his mother told him not to. They sent him a letter saying they flash pasteurize their eggs and that it was safe, but that they didn't recommend doing it.. just in case.

Whole Foods wants to save you five bucks

Oct 15th 2008 10:25PM God bless you for this post.
I can't eat any other grocery store's produce after having their stuff. The shiny, dewy apples always do me in.

RIP Tastespotting

Jun 14th 2008 3:35PM I went to the website today and saw the note. I let out an emphatic "WHAT!" What a sad day. I loved I used to hate cooking and I started using that website for recipes in my home and actually started to enjoy it. I would go on my phone while at the store to remember a recipe.
I am not being overly dramatic when I say that I have no idea what I am going to do anymore. I seriously used that website for everything I cooked. Crap.
I hope somehow someway they can bring it back.

Objectionable ingredients

Aug 31st 2007 5:29PM Peas. I've never really liked peas. If I'm at someone's house and they serve me some, I'll eat as much as I can. I can do Pea soup, but only with lots of bread.

Mushrooms. I've always just had this weird thing about eating fungus. I've only tried it once at the urging of my husband and it only confirmed my hatred for them.

I used to not like onion or tomatoes but now I love both.

Eel. Kind of same reason as mushrooms.. I just can't imagine eating it so I don't.

Rhubarb. Bad experience as a child.

Any liver, tongue, etc. I'll eat cow stomach just because I grew up with it in menudo, but that's about the weirdest thing.

My husband has a weird thing about mayonnaise or anything 'white and creamy.' He refuses to eat cream sauce, sour cream, cottage cheese, etc. However he'll eat vanilla yogurt. ;)

Taste Test: FiberOne Raisin Bran Clusters Cereal

Aug 23rd 2007 10:46PM Im going to be the odd one out and comment on the water issue ;)
I've loved water ever since I was little (hated milk), but I agree with you that water DOES have a taste. However it's BAD water that has a taste. I have found that Smart Water, Fiji and especially Aqua Panna have no taste at all and are therefore amazing. Also, to get rid of that 'taste' try icing filtered water or whatever you may be using.. it works for me!

Washing machine hygiene

Jul 18th 2007 1:19AM Thank you so much for this.
I actually do this quite often (sorry to say!) and was just thinking about how i could clean the smell out.

The NEW Low-Carb Diet

Apr 2nd 2007 3:41AM Thats awesome. My school's cafeteria has Bon Appetit cater. While their food is mediocre i have always appreciated their efforts in buying locally, using cage-free eggs, etc.


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