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DIY Warrior: Installing a Light Fixture

Oct 3rd 2010 4:10PM If this is only a 10 minute job, then a licensed electrician shouldn't charge you very much. And you 'll not have to worry about a fire or someone getting electrocuted when they change a light bulb. I see 4 problems with this article: #1 Always turn off the breaker - a home owner may have installed the light switch wrong and switched the neutral instead of the hot wire which means the black wire will be live even if the switch is off. #2 The fixture in the article can not be installed on wiring which was installed before 1985. #3 An electrician would verify that the that the white wire is actually the neutral so that screwshell is connected to the neutral. #4 An electrician would verify that there is a ground wire present at the fixture box.
I am an electrician and I have seen a light fixture installed improperly almost burn a house down.


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