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The Vanilla Ice Project: Our Revealing Q&A with the Rapper-Turned-Remodeler

Oct 11th 2010 10:28AM As usual, there's some outrageous comments on here. I see a lot of ganging up on the poor guy who actually has an alternate opinion. I'm so sick of you liberal "PC" folks digging on people with an honest opinion. This country was and still is about "Free Speech" so if you don't like what "Joe" has to say, too bad! Quit being sheeple and stop following the PC masses. You all bore me! Seriously, are you all in high school? Remember folks, you can NEVER legislate common sense. Let's use our heads here and stop relying on PC terms and etc. to get through the day. Btw, I also think Vanilla Ice (Rob) is somewhat of a dirt bag. His behavior's always been rather low-class, obnoxious and he seems to love the negative attention. I've also seen some recent interviews and he came off like such an immature jerk! No sympathies here... sorry! I think that this article is nothing more than a promotional piece for that silly new show. Btw, I never much cared for Madonna's antics either. Am I supposed to respect her now because she suddenly has an English accent and writes children's books? What is up with that phony new accent anyway? Sheesh! Anyway, I guess my point is, If you don't like what I have to say, try to respect my opinion and simply move on. I always try to respect one's opinions even if I don't agree with them. I don't simply gather my posse up and hang them in town square... Silly! Btw, if someone has a strong opinion, it doesn't mean that they have issues or need therapy. You guys are outrageous for suggesting that "Joe" needs therapy. You PC'ers types are wrecking what's left of this country! Shame on you Shell, Dragonfly and Sandy White. You sound like a bunch of passive-aggressive, judgmental "Followers"... Don't ever let the PC'ers suggest that you don't have a right to voice your opinion. Okay, I'm ready for my morning coffee and you all have a great day... : )


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