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The Vanilla Ice Project: Our Revealing Q&A with the Rapper-Turned-Remodeler

Oct 11th 2010 1:51PM Ok life is a lesson people, sounds like a lot of jealouse people speaking down someone because God decided to bless them.. He is building his success with his talents. How long should he have to get blasted at because of his childhood that many may or may not agree with. You can't move forward looking backward. and whatever happened while he was growing and developing has sure turned into something great. Ask yourself this question. What have I done to improve my life, why am I not successful, my answer for you would be stop hating and wishing bad on others and maybe you might have a vision of your own. Your so busy talking against this man and watching what he is doing that you can't see your own life. Hey Joe we all know you are a loser and mad because you don't have anything good to say about your own life so all you doo is try to find fault in others. Get a life loser!


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