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Whoopi Goldberg Misfires in Attack on Article About Black Oscar Winners

Feb 15th 2011 12:18PM Is whoopi ever happy? She's always mouthing off about something. Geesh, woman, not every one thinks like you, so stop your whining!!!

'Ozzie and Harriet' Star David Nelson Dies

Jan 12th 2011 12:30PM I agree with everyone on the board. I watched the shows as a kid, too. My brother copied Rick's guitar playing, so his music always was heard throughout the house. There are some stations that were playing the reruns of their series' a while back. I hope one of them has a marathon, so we can watch the Family in its prime (and possibly teach some young 'uns what good tv is). God bless David and his family. (I named my only son David - after David Nelson.)

8 Stars Fleeing From Cancelled Shows: We Suggest New Gigs

Nov 11th 2010 9:59AM Has the world gone mad? Three Rivers, Trauma, and now The Whole Truth? Three FANTASTIC shows canned by idiots, I'm sure. And yet the reality shows are reproducing by the dozens! I don't understand.

Internet Finds Time Traveler With Cell Phone in 1928 Charlie Chaplin Film

Oct 28th 2010 9:04PM It's Alfred Hitchcock in another one of his cameos.

Kaley Cuoco Breaks Leg, Will Miss Taping of 'The Big Bang Theory'

Sep 14th 2010 4:07PM When Spencer Reid broke his foot, he didn't (I think) miss one episode of Criminal Minds.

Kaley Cuoco Breaks Leg, Will Miss Taping of 'The Big Bang Theory'

Sep 14th 2010 4:06PM Wow! From what I've read on these posts, some of you have great ideas; much better than the "writers" of the show. Writing in the broken leg would be a hoot!

'Mary Tyler Moore' Actor Harold Gould Dead at 86

Sep 14th 2010 4:03PM ed asner is not as "left-wing" as you may think. I saw him on Jay Leno's hour show when Ross, the openly gay man, was clapping the way that he does, and asner leaned over to him and said, "Oh, stop it." He may think he's left-wing, but he doesn't like gays, at least not openly gay. So I say, "Boo on you, ed asner."

100 Worst Songs Ever -- Part Five of Five

Sep 11th 2010 12:45PM I don't like Puff the Magic Dragon. I thought it was sad when Little Johnny left him, until I found out the song was about drugs (marijuana, to be specific). It's funny how the "protest" songs of the 60s and 70s are about doing drugs. I don't know why.

100 Worst Songs Ever -- Part Five of Five

Sep 11th 2010 12:40PM David Purcell, you said "Anything by Frankie Valli." That's amazing. I love him and the Four Seasons. Saw Jersey Boys four times. Being from Newark, New Jersey, I was more acquainted with his style as far as "poor side of town" and "rags" for clothes. I tried to like the Beach Boys, but I couldn't relate to surfing and sun-bleached hair.

'Frasier' Spinoff? Kelsey Grammer 'Seriously Thinking About That'

Sep 4th 2010 5:01PM I would love a Frasier spin-off! Kelsey Grammar is an incredibly talented actor who played the part of Frasier like no other could. I have every episode of Cheers and Frasier on DVD and watch them often. Go, Kelsey, DO IT!!!


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