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Losing Love Made Nura Decide to Change Her Life, and Lose 19 Inches

Apr 30th 2011 6:36PM Nura, You are beautiful, Will You Marry Me ?

Losing Love Made Nura Decide to Change Her Life, and Lose 19 Inches

Apr 30th 2011 6:20PM You do look awsome Nura,,, will you Marry Me

DIY Decline: Are Men Less Handy Than They Used to Be?

Apr 26th 2011 12:15PM I have been in the trades for 40 years , I can repair almost anything and probably have saved thousands and thousands of dollars over the years in car and home repairs, and I am self taught ,with help from from my dad. a daughter of a good friend of mine got married to a tech geek ,who would rather play WI games then do anything else, and I see this over and over. they bought a house about a year ago , then a lawn mower, my friend had to go over and show him how to start it, only after watching him struggle and pull the cord for 15 minutes, he simply went over and showed him where the on, off switch was and with one pull it started , these are the men [ boys ] that are the future of our Country ................GOD HELP US

Emptying the Nest: Q&A With Author Dr. Brad Sachs

Jan 30th 2011 3:35PM With the belief in GOD and COUNTRY being taken out of schools it's harder and harder to raise children in this day and age, especially with all of the crap that is out there ,that they are seeing on a daily basis.I have raised a 12 year daughter ,2 sons 14 and 17 on my own for 7 years after my wife passed away in 2002. We and then I raised them on spiritual principles and just doing what was right. They had to grow up real fast when there MOM passed ,I talked and talked and talked to them , there was alot of tough love also just love and understanding and alot of tears. ,and let me tell you they have turned to wonderful young adults ,my sons 22 and 28 are hard working and strong and my daughter is in her third year of college on a softball scholarship's and she worked hard for it. So all you can do is be the best Parent you can be, talk to your kids,teach them ,give them the tools, let them make mistakes and learn from them, they will be gone before you know it, time goes by fast ,there are going to be ups and downs, TRUST IN GOD... I could a book write a book on this ,,,,,,Maybe I Will

Folks Aiming Too Low When Discussing Auburn's Cam Newton

Dec 8th 2010 12:26PM No way he is better than Tim Tebow, he doesn't even have a Championship under his belt ,and you are calling him the best ever that is just plain Nuts. Get a couple of championships then we might consider it,Also did Tebow ever have any scandals surrounding him,,,Not..Tebow was the best college player ever, PERIOD !


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