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Testing: 8 Odd Ways to Get Rid of Ants

Jul 4th 2011 4:56PM The borax/jelly mixture is the way to go. A pest control guy told me this many years ago and it works like a charm. Just used it a few weeks ago and the ants were gone in a few hours. Don't let your pets/kids get to it, just to be safe. Also, we had a big ant hill outside in the garden, couldn't kill them no matter how much poison we used. Finally put the firepit on top and had a nice little fire one night. They are GONE.

Mom Says Keeping Her Son Out of Class Photo is (Literally) Bad Form

Nov 1st 2010 8:35AM Look up info about the Sunshine Law. Some schools are allowing parents to opt out of including personal (directory) info about their children - name, address, phone number - so that information will not be released to anyone making a public records request. Maybe there is a way to resolve this with a careful (legal) look at the permission form?


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