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Scott Kattleman

Scott Kattleman

Member Since Nov 8th, 2006

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Duggar Baby #19 Comes Home

Jun 29th 2010 5:37PM Although I think having that many children is crazy, it's their business, as long as they can afford it. However, it appears that they are now relying on "sponsors", particularly when they built their 7,000 sq ft home a few years ago. According to their website, they themselves put in many hours working on it, as well they should have, considering they have no day-to-day jobs to go to and even the kids would have plenty of time as they are home-schooled. But if you look at their photo gallery, I saw many upscale touches that are certainly not necessary to live well: granite countertops (even at one computer station!), beautiful custom kitchen cabinetry (even the stove vent and even in the laundry room??), hand-painted murals on the childrens' room walls, ceramac tile floors as far as the eye can see (whatever happened to good old fashioned linoleum or some industrial strength carpeting), a beautiful hand-carved wood pool table, climbing wall, indoor slide, floor standing video game, harp (?) Not that I want a harp but I don't have these fancy touches in my own home and I consider we are fairly upper middle class. This just reminds me so much of the program "Extreme Makover". I stopped watching when the homes they were building went so over the top. What is wrong with a nice, ordinary, functional home for a family these days? And in reality, that is all that is needed for this or any other family. I decry all these sponsors giving these people so much, especially when there are many much smaller families who could use some sponsor help. Habitat for Humanity has it all correct when building homes for families--a good, solid home with just the basics a family needs--nothing fancy. And the families getting these homes, which they also help build, are overjoyed with them, and you won't see any granite countertops, commercial ranges, pool tables, hand-painted walls, climbing walls, etc. in them. This world needs to get real about what is necessary to give people to live.

The Biggest Loser

Nov 5th 2008 5:19PM Our Country has lost it's mind, morrels and direction.

Now you have elected the anti christ to leed it.

You all deserve whats to come.

No Senate Decision Until Later Today

Nov 8th 2006 9:22AM Welcome to World War III. You just gave the enemy what they wanted.


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