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Churchill Home Shows World War II Leader's Gentler Side

Aug 11th 2013 3:59PM Brings back memories. Living room looks like my Grandma's . She was also English Hope they have all met up in heaven and haing some tea.

A Message From the Team

Dec 21st 2012 3:18PM The loophole in gun shows and sales muct be closed so that background checkes are required regardless where a gun is purchased.

High capacity magazines should be banned. Single bullet clips of no more that 6 bullets must be adopted.

More in depth background checks which require inter government sharing of information.

Something has to be done to stop families with a mentally ill individual to own any guns.

Mezuzah Case: Condo Association Bylaw vs. Jewish Practice

Mar 29th 2012 5:31PM Said state of affairs when we have to argue about religious symbols. We will get to a time when religious symbols will not be allowed in public in fear of offending someone. And there are many people in this world who have a need to find things that they can clain as offensive to them. Some day people may not be allowed to wear the cross or star of david around their neck. I guess this is why we have lawyers.

HOA 'Steals' Homeowner's Virgin Mary Statue

Dec 13th 2011 4:29PM People should be careful not only that agree to by signing a HOA but they should read it. I some even our flag cannot be displayed.

Justin Bieber Sports New Tattoo (Photo)

Jun 5th 2011 9:54AM He seems to have lost a lot of weight. Next thing we will hear that he is anorexic. Hopefully he isn't. And the pants below the butt get rid of that.

Architectural Inspiration: Daylighting

May 29th 2011 8:58PM Notice that this new concept in lighting in the work place even allows for the guy on the far right in photo # 2 be allowed to wear shorts and flipflops in the work place.

Walmart Losing Business, Looks to Retool

Feb 22nd 2011 9:04PM Hate to say this but all our food and clothing items come from China or some other foreign country.Even our flags sold at the Dollar Stores come from China.

Walmart Losing Business, Looks to Retool

Feb 22nd 2011 9:02PM Best thing about Walmart is that if you talk to the cashiers while getting change after grocery checkout they give you back more money. And if you ask them to make change while doing that you get even more back.

I do have to say Walmart should not be selling organnic food. I don't buy it at a higher end grocery store.

And why are they selling fruit by the piece. Plums 67 cents each. Oranges 33 cents each.

Lady Gaga Hatches From Egg and Into Controversy Onstage at 2011 Grammy Awards

Feb 14th 2011 11:02AM I thought the same thing when I saw her and heard her sing---another Madonna. I also thought that the act with Justin Beaber sounded like Michael Jackson. Bruno Mays act sounded like music from the 1960's. The original act was at the end

Eataly By Mario Batali [PHOTOS]

Sep 6th 2010 10:01AM Do they take food stamps, seriously.


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