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Richard Schade

Richard Schade

Member Since Nov 9th, 2006

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Shut down XP Antispyware 2010 and avoid AntiMalware Pro

Apr 23rd 2010 6:45PM I use Avira for my antivirus and have never had a problem, and its free unless you want the premium package.

More Women in the Tiger Woods Scandal -- Seven and Counting

Dec 7th 2009 7:41PM All I have to say is "the apple don't fall far from the tree"

Home Depot fires cashier over 'God' button

Oct 29th 2009 7:34AM Paul,
Lowes is just down the street and a much nicer store. I too am going to stop shopping a Home Depot and am going to tell everyone I know just what they did.I know lots of contractors as my Son is a flooring contractor.

How to clean vinyl siding

Oct 30th 2007 10:04PM Brian.......... I have lived in Florida since 1981 and a pressure washer is all that I have ever used and everything down here gets pressuer washed.
Good luck with your "Orange" and elbow grease..........what a workout you wil get.

Buy Steve McQueen's '58 GMC truck

Nov 9th 2006 12:45PM Opps sorry , my E-mail is for those who are interested.

Buy Steve McQueen's '58 GMC truck

Nov 9th 2006 12:43PM Beautifuly restored truck, I had one just like it, only it had the "6" in it, and Hydromatic transmission

I now own an "85" GMC Caballero in great shape and will "talk".


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