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Fixing My Grandmother's Hand Mixer - A Thanksgiving DIY Tale

Nov 22nd 2010 4:39PM I love your story, and I cried through the entire reading, still crying. I loved your grandmother's baking, I adored her orange cake and her marble cake were my absolute favorites. I was your age or younger than you are in the photo, when I first met your Mom and Grandma, all those years ago, when I started enjoying her wonderful cakes. I loved to be at her house when she baked, it smelled so happy and we got the best treat when it was done. I have a couple of those wonderful memory items from my Mom and my Aunt and I pay homage to them when I use the items the same way they did. There is nothing like looking at them to bring back the memories. Grandma Tessie looks so beautiful in this photo, just as I remember her. I love this story, I would have loved it even if I didn't know you all, and I hope to hear more like it. You do her proud, you certainly do.


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