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The Best Handmade Holiday Gift I Ever Received

Dec 17th 2010 11:17PM Like you, my grandmother (whom we called Mamaw), made wonderful hand-made things. She could crochet and knit, she made "sock monkeys", and, all kinds of little dolls. But, when I was about 15 or 16, my Mamaw asked me what my favorite colors were. I didn't know it, but, at the time, she was planning on making both me, and, my older cousin, Laura, a hand-made quilt. At the time, I told her that peach and light blue were my favorite colors. And, at the time, they were.
My Mamaw had lived through a time when Polyester was the biggest fashion of the times. And, she had hand-made many of her own clothes, and, I suspect maybe even some for my Dad (because she was his Mom).
I'm glad that we no longer wear Polyester suits, because, the material, in my opinion, is rather scratchy, and, I can't imagine being dressed in it from head to toe. But, over the years, she'd grown a rather large collection of this type of material. And, she'd saved the scraps.
I suppose that being as frugal-minded as she was, she planned to someday do something with those scraps, and, she eventually ended up cutting them into quilting squares.
Finally, one day, Mamaw presented me with the quilt that she'd made for me. It wasn't a Christmas present or anything given over the holidays. In fact, I don't even remember it possibly being a birthday gift. But, what I do remember is that she one day, out of the blue, just bestowed upon me this wonderful quilt that she had made for me. The underside of the quilt was made out of a really soft sheet that was, of course, one of the colors that I had chosen: a soft peach. But, the outside of the quilt had many colors. The quilt was mostly made up of the colors that I had chosen, but, she made it very eye-catching by adding in her own choices as well. She'd picked some maroons, some pinks, and even some light grays. It ended up being one of my prized possessions for many years, and, I displayed it, proudly on my bed, all of the way through high school, and, young adulthood while I was living at home. Then, when I later moved out, I, of course, took it with me.
Eventually, I married, and, although I was no longer using the quilt (it isn't a convenient size to use as a "throw", it belongs on a queen-sized bed), I made the decision that I would pass it down to my daughter one day.
My daughter, Faith, is now 9 years-old, and, my Mamaw's quilt is now her bedspread. It's light-weight enough to use in the summer time, while, here in Texas, we have to lower the thermostat considerably. But, it's warm enough, also, in the winter time, if you add a light-weight blanket underneath of it, and, a bed sheet. With those 3 layers, you stay perfectly toasty.
You can tell by looking at the quilt that she put a lot of meticulous effort into making sure it was done "just right". And, although my Mamaw passed away back in 1996, at the age of 86, I still have, at least, small part of her to share with my daughter.
Thank you for sharing your story, as, it brought me a happy memory. And, happy holidays to you and your family!


Taylor Swift Debuts New Bangs, Straight Hair at the 2010 American Music Awards

Nov 26th 2010 10:31PM And, just when you thought that Taylor Swift couldn't possibly get any MORE beautiful! But, hey, she'd probably even be able to get by with being completely bald. With that face and all of her talent, it doesn't matter what her hair looks like. But, this is lovely!


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