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Mezuzah Case: Condo Association Bylaw vs. Jewish Practice

Mar 29th 2012 5:55PM I suppose there is a swastica in the Condo Logo, friggin nazi's are idiots

Bank of America Plaza to Sell at Foreclosure Auction

Feb 7th 2012 3:04PM The problem I see is the BofA sold them the building, then moved 200,000 of lease space out of the building, that's 1/6 of the building open and who's to say, what percentage of the rented space total. BofA would look fishy for this if in the future they buy it back. It is then a case of make it hard for the new buyer, in a market crisis they played a major role in on a state by state accounting of the damages. Sit back with arms crossed, wait for the failure and someday get it back. Time will tell.

Obese passenger forces neighbor on US Airways flight to stand for 7 hours

Nov 23rd 2011 5:30PM That is so repulsive the airline should refund his whole flight cost. $200 would just cover the up-costs of using them.

Confessions of a Mother: Guilty Things Moms Secretly Do

May 9th 2011 3:49AM I grew up in cotton country outside El Paso. Back then if your kids came with all of their fingers you were raising them right. If we had perverts I don't remember ever hearing about weird stuff happening. But I knew then, as a kid, that a mom who leaves their babes alone around water is an idiot. My friend Andy and I saw a drowned kid in the ditch once. It was a real wake up call. Till a kid can jump in the ditch and come out with a crawdad or frog competently they gotta be watched and taught. Give em room, just not enough space to drown. Dag nabbit.

'Lesbian Until Graduation' A Myth?

Mar 20th 2011 3:05PM Stats in western Massachusetts are entirely opposite. I'd put my last dime on it.

Frank Lloyd Wright House Available at Bargain $1.38M

Mar 7th 2011 11:11PM ...and they come out of the woodwork. It's really amazing the armchair realtors that know everything about what you're doing wrong , but they've never had the whatchawhatever it takes to be in the position of owning a Wright home. I think this home is like WOW. How wonderful it must have been to live there and who in the world else would know how to show a home but someone with what it takes to own one in the first place. Hats off.

Boy, 8, Arrested for 5th Time in 4 Months

Mar 5th 2011 1:43AM In 1962 I strarted second grade in the main building at Loma Terrace Grade School in El Paso. As the first class bell rang as commotion began in the main hallway of the school. My classroom, two hundred feet away, sprang to life with the students running to the door as the teacher left the room shouting "Stay in you seats!"

As few seconds later the noise spread to the front of the school, so we all ran for a window to see what was up. Several teachers and the Principal were carrying a kid in the air. The boy was kicking and screaming. Cussing a blue streak like his dad had to be a drunkard trucker. Mr Bradley, our principal pulled out hand cuffs and the teachers all held thee lil' monster still while his hands where cuffed around the flagpole. His Mom was called and he stayed there till she arrived to cart his beligerant little soul the hell out of there.

What a scene, it turned out he had injured about ten adults trying to get him under control. He never returned. Probably a good thing.

Those where the days.

More cruise lines cancel calls to Mazatlan after shooting

Feb 28th 2011 3:00AM There is no place in Mexico that is safe right now. Death is random as well as directed toward a target. Collateral damage happens anywhere there is some beef between these diablos. We have a third world country for a neighbor that has a aa higher death rate than Afghanistan. Anyone who believes their trip to Cancun or Cabo is just too bitchin to worry about safety in a tourist mecca in downright stupid. I am real sorry to say that Mexico is not the fun safe place it was when it got it's reputation for unforgettably great trips that fostered outrageous stories about how cool it is to do. Yah, go to Mexico and whoop it up come home and plan to take more friends along next year. That's how it was. Wake up young people, it's not that way any more. I was raised walking the streets of Juarez without an adult when I was twelve. I had friends in Zaragosa. One an old man, an Ysleta Indian taught me to lay block when I was eleven. There was a roadside cantina with a combined motel and whorehouse I had my first beer in. The owner Rosa called me Leche and teased I could only have milk but gave me the beer when my older friends insisted. For over seven years, till i moved to Phoenix she always called me Leche when I walked in the bar. To me Mexico was second nature, the air stunk around the bridge where we crossed over the Rio Grande driving into Zaragosa but that was just a smell, the smiles on the other side of the bridge were the same as at home or school. Mexico was a good place to be then. That was in the early sixties. Back in 2004 I drove to a small town deep in Baja to live there. The first thing I felt uncomfortable with was the military stops every 60 to 80 miles. Some seemed cool, some not. At night the stops where downright creepy. Dudes exchanging conspiratorial looks, pushing me away from my car. And in town the people were not so nice as I remembered. Having to be told I couldn't help my friend sweep her patio because she would be reported for having an American doing a job a Mexican should be getting paid to do was a special moment. We seem to be good for our money but not much more. Your life? Not a concern. All cruise lines should stop Mexican stops till Calderon breaks the grip the druglords have on that country. We should put economic sanctions on Mexico till such time that is done. And Americans that smoke pot should stop buying pot that has been compressed (a sure sign it was smuggled from Mexico). This is serious stuff. Beheading people right in our own back yard. Remember how deplorable it was when the Middle East Beheadings were in the news? People are being beheaded in droves less than ten minutes from American soil. We need to be more alarmed. Period.

Man Arrested for Poisoning Trees at Auburn's Toomer's Corner

Feb 19th 2011 5:46PM capistrana7-letting Vick rejoin the human race and not left to die in prison like the dogs he killed is a second chance, undeserved by my standards, but karma will keep Vick always wanting and never getting if what he wants most if as I see what is right holds.

the Eagles bought his karma and will have it till someone in the organization with a truly good soul and heart connection attains the power to let him go. On the real subject here the man who killed those trees is a monster, like Loughner and Vick.

'Face to Facebook' Is Part Art, Part Hack

Feb 4th 2011 2:58PM Copyright law states the image belongs to the phoyog, the use of the image requires release from both the photog and subject unless the subject is public domain, then only release from the photog is required. I smell a lawsuit the boys in Germany will loose.


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