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Jeffrey Monheit

Jeffrey Monheit

Member Since Dec 6th, 2010

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Recycle Your Old Light Bulbs Into Vases

Mar 27th 2011 2:45AM I want the old-style light bulbs back, not these cancer causing curly fries!

Big Brother Is Watching You, so Get Your Butt to Class

Feb 23rd 2011 12:25AM We're supposed to have a Constitutional 4th Amendment in the United States, protecting us from unreasonable searches and seizures AND DON'T GIVE ME ANY CRAP THAT THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO MINORS! Students should never be forced to go to school or any place against their will! Children are not meant to be used as pawns to push and are entitled to rights, unlike that stupid police officer spewing off lies due to his ignorance of our laws in America. We have the 14th Amendment which entitles people to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and the 13 Amendment which protects people from slavery and involuntary servitude. Maybe it's time to school our government, police, judges, administrators and parents before stepping on youth's basic rights and liberties! Death to 1984 and death to the New World Order! Ron Paul for President in 2012!

Makeover Diaries: A Beach Babe Turned Soccer Mom

Dec 6th 2010 3:50PM Why do people wish to conform to others in the majority? Why do people think the majority is right? Even the Bible itself warns against following multitudes (of iniquity). When you change your being to suit others to conform to your surroundings, this is an example of low self-esteem! I look nothing like the majority of the people in my community and have completely differerent politics but I stick to my guns!! Eventually people will respect you more if you believe you are comfortable in your own shoes, being who you are by personal preference! We now live in an age of individuality, it is getting popular to be independent minded in an age where social controls are trying to advance control and conformity. We need to break free of the herd sheeple mentality. Conformity has been humanity's downfall and ignorance for the longest time. It has led to great evil and injustice to occur! FREE YOURSELF! FREE YOURSELVES! Be who you are as G-d gave us a mind to think, a mouth to speak, eyes to see and ears to hear! Freedom is a virtue, not a vice! South Carolina has old-fashioned values, which is good, but don't let people interfere in your choosing if you don't interfere in theirs! No two are alike, people see life differently.


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