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Justinianos' Bronx Home is 12 Inches From Apartment Building Construction, and It's Ruining Their View

Jan 19th 2013 4:54PM And we griped because our view was ruind by a 6 ft. fence and large quantity of bamboo plants 10 ft. from our living room window and front door (located on the side of the house)? At least our neighbor kept the fence a few inches on his side of the property line. I would have an appraiser value my house and give a rough estimate what it was worth before construction began. Then sue for the difference, put the house on the market and move to somewhere with decent setbacks.

By the way, The house is obviously not a modern house and no doubt was totally legal when it was built. Ours is 90 years old. Not to current code, but still safe and legal.

12 Detroit Houses Demolished Accidentally, Including Couple's Newly Bought Home

Jan 12th 2013 4:55PM All of you who are criticizing the house and the couple for buying it, should take a bit of time to watch some of the housing rehabilitation programs on HGTV. It's amazing what one can do with a run down house. But then, all of you must live in brand new, expensive tract type homes with huge prices and mortgages - the type that are "under water" on their mortgages currently. Give me an old beauty fixer upper any day.

Reverse Mortgages Pose Big Risks for Seniors, Warn Attorneys and U.S. Officials

Dec 9th 2012 7:31PM Taking a lump sum is probably the worst thing one can do. Even if they put it in the bank with no intention of spending it on frivolous purchases, it will begin to burn the proverbial hole in their pockets and it will be spent. Meanwhile that lump sum will accrue interest AGAINST their home. Monthly payments are better, but they still build up interest and get spent easily. We recently took a reverse mortgage out as a Line of Credit. They only give us the amount we specifically ask for, when we ask for it. Thus interest is only on those amounts. Our income is very fixed. Small but just enough to get by. Two weeks ago, our refrigerator died. The $1K a new one cost was way beyond what we had. We took that $1K out of he line of credit. No more, no less.
By the way, my husband is 73 and I am 67. Both of us were well over 62 at the time of the loan.

Adam Welch's Exploding Glass Table 'a Total Mystery,' He Says

Aug 27th 2012 4:39PM We had one explode sometime during the night a couple of years ago. Glass all over the gazebo and the dogs were walking around in it!!! No shards in their paws, thank heaven. K-Mart replaced it in about a week.

Dana Nance of Houston Says She Unwittingly Rented Home to Marijuana Grow Operation

Aug 26th 2012 12:25PM Sometime during those few years she had it rented to the marijuana grower, she should have checked out the house condition, etc. Most states require a 24 or 48 hour notice (exception - an emergency such as water leak, etc.). Maybe she would have found out that things weren't what they seemed. At least, if they refused entry, she would have reason to suspect something was wrong.

Plus Size Shapewear

Oct 31st 2011 8:04AM Notice how often in these subjects, the men are the ones who are telling the ladies to loose weight or exercise - all the while, spending their time plopped in front of a computer, playing games or in front of the TV, watching football (or whatever the sport of the day is).

Foreclosed Homeowner 'Booby-Traps' Home

Sep 28th 2011 9:23AM Don't forget, the person who triggers the explosives may be a totally innocent person. Banks, themselves, are not capable of opening doors to set off booby traps. It take a human hand.

Soldier Buys Back Parents' Foreclosed Home (Video)

Sep 20th 2011 4:38PM What a wonderful son. God bless him and bring him home safely.

Click and Support Veterans via Facebook and Twitter

May 30th 2011 8:47AM Come take a walk with me through the halls of your nearest VA hospital. See all the vets (all wars) that lie there in the beds with no visitors. Come with me and ask them where they live. Most of them will reply "no where". They know where the nearest VA clinic is so that when they need the care, they can find it, but, after their treatments are over, they go back on the streets. Not to a warm home, soft bed and loved ones to care for them.

I always was ambivalant until the vet I married needed surgery. During those 6 days in the hospital and a later stay of 6 days, I saw the world from a different angle and am eternally grateful for their service to protect me and mine.

Recently, we had a young OIF vet stop by our home for the first time. He spotted an antique musket hanging on the wall that had been used in the Revolutionary War. He asked about it and when I told him, he stood at attention and saluted it. :)

Thanks for your service, young friend. You and all your fellow servicemen and women.

Feline Self-Confidence Fail

May 10th 2011 8:01AM We have had 3 cats who have had similar problems with jumps. They have all been pure breds of a cobby body nature. Shortish legs, coupled with a blocky body do not make for highly dcoordinated kitties. On the whole they don't like high places as much as other breeds - might (and do) fall.

Right now, we have a beautiful Exotic. Persian type build. A klutz from day one (he's 8 years old). Healthy. Just had a checkup 3 weeks ago. If the cat has always been that way, it's just their nature. If it suddenly comes on, take them in for a checkup.


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