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Cyber Monday Giveaways

Nov 28th 2011 1:53PM loved as a child tic tac toe throw..used bean bags to toss across... favorite

Cyber Monday Giveaways

Nov 28th 2011 1:51PM oh my marshmallow shooters... sounds like a blast...would love to play with this toy...and throw chickens !!! what fun!

Christina Aguilera Botches National Anthem at Super Bowl, Admits Mistake

Feb 7th 2011 11:28AM she did not need to yodel the song... what a crappy version.. just use your voice to sing it.. quit the yodel! you can do it!\all you "singers" out there

GLAAD Outraged at 'SNL' Transgender Skit

Feb 2nd 2011 10:48AM so funny..why cant people laugh at life anymore??? snl love you! keep up the good work.. we all need to laugh more at ourselves!
there is too much going on in the world..

GoodGuide's Dog Food Ratings: Which Products Are Best and Worst?

Jan 30th 2011 6:12PM oh my tried to give my dog a good food from healthy pet store.. had only good ingredients and berries/veggies.. 32.00 a bag.. and she could not tolerate it.. yes did the slow introduction and all the right way..tried 2 other good foods.. same.. and here we are kibbles and bits (brushing bits and mini bits) she loves these and is healthy..bright eyed and bushy tailed! go figure..will stay with this food!

Oscar de la Renta Snipes at Michelle Obama's Non-U.S. Fashion Choice

Jan 23rd 2011 5:53PM fashion sense for a kmart shopper? OH MY!

Lady Gaga Among Celebs Cheering DADT Repeal

Jan 5th 2011 2:32PM is this lady gaga a guy? looks like a male and who cares what he/she wants for military... let the military decide what they need to function..celebs shut up and act/sing/dress up and keep doing your job and let others keep doing their job..civilians keep your noses out of the do not belong!

Bob Feller's Delivery Fierce to the Finish

Dec 16th 2010 12:01PM we met mr. feller in the 1990's in san diego when he and other star players had a free camp for military kids..we being from cleveland area and indians fans were thrilled..he was a kind man and signed our baseball card chuckeling at how young he looked..

McDonald's Sued Over Happy Meal Toys

Dec 15th 2010 3:58PM i did not know kids abducted their parents and force them to go to mc donalds to buy happy meals? i guess they (the kids) also drive there? must beeee.... what happened to the parents ....PARENTING????? what is wrong with a treat once or twice a month? geez..

LeBron James' Cleveland Homecoming Didn't Prove What You Think

Dec 4th 2010 2:58PM lake erie did NOT catch on fire.. it was a river in cleveland,the cuyahoga


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