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Lawn Care for Lazy People

May 28th 2011 8:02PM Pat, I had the same problem at my house! I bought a house and the previous owner thought bamboo was a great idea, problem is, bamboo is the world's largest weed! The trick with the bamboo was to cut it low, then pour full strength weed killer down the throat of the shoots. Same thing with YOUR upshoots. Bore a hole in the center and pour full strength weed killer in them. It WILL kill them, but will problably take you all summer to get rid of them, a pain I know, but eventually you WILL win!

Living in the Other Woman's House

Jan 8th 2011 7:50AM This woman is being so unrealistic! Look at her, she's no spring chicken. At their (And mine) ages it's not very realistic to think this guy isn't going to have a past. The story makes no mention of children. Does he have any kids? If so, because they're the EXes kids, does that mean they can't come see their dad because this neurotic woman can't get past her own demons? Grow up lady!


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