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Census: American Dream of Home Ownership May Be Gone for Good

Oct 7th 2011 11:47AM real estate prices are a reflection of how much people can qualify to borrow. At present the real estate market is going through a downward correction because of lower middle class income. If income remains stagnant it will not be uncommon for sale prices from the high teens to the low 40's.

Census: American Dream of Home Ownership May Be Gone for Good

Oct 7th 2011 11:38AM Home values are ultimately set by how much of a loan people can qualify for. The housing market will get active only when families have more income, or when prices fall more, much more.

The Pit Crew With Love-A-Bull - Changing People's Perceptions One 'Pittie' at a Time

Sep 10th 2011 4:25PM Although not official, I think the pittbull is the most popular dog in the country. I see them everywhere, but mostly in working class neighborhoods where they are not as likely to be licensed. They have been, and still are America's favorite breed.

The Pit Crew With Love-A-Bull - Changing People's Perceptions One 'Pittie' at a Time

Sep 10th 2011 4:14PM 4 years ago I never thought I would ever own a pitt. Then I met 3 families who had one. I was surprised at how friendly they were, and how good they were around small kids and other pets. During this same time I met a stray pitt, and after I knew her for 2 months, I took her home. I have never had a better pet and I've had a lot of them over the years. She always plays fair, no matter how big or small another animal of child is, and is the only one who comes away from, sometimes rough play, with a scratch on her body.

How to Get Rid of Roaches: Testing 8 Odd Ways

Sep 7th 2011 3:54PM Coffee grounds also kills fire ants.

Testing: 8 Odd Ways to Get Rid of Ants

Jul 4th 2011 7:40PM Coffee grounds get rid of fire ants! I don't know if it would work on black ants, but worth a try.

Katy Perry Sues Over 'Other Man' Allegations

Apr 29th 2011 10:13AM You-ve got to ignite the light and win this fight, make them eat their dirty words, make them pay you what your worth, rub their noses in the dirt, ending up with no net worth, your a fire cracker baby!

Katy Perry Sues Over 'Other Man' Allegations

Apr 29th 2011 10:05AM You've got to ignite the light and ma--ke them fight, baby show them what your worth, baby make them eaaat their words, expose them and their dir--ty works, make them pay you whaaaat your worth, rub their noses in the dirt your a firecraker baby!

Organic Valley Accused of Violating Organic Egg Standards

Apr 20th 2011 8:50AM Beheadings------ for the humans or chickens? Seriously, the way animals are treated, confined to one small area 24/seven, is the worst kind of cruelty. People who mistreat animals have no soul and would mistreat god if they could.

Majority of Americans Believe Pets Have Psychic Powers

Jan 12th 2011 10:23PM I think my dogs understand what we say. Here are some examples: 1. Once while I was sitting in my car with the door open my dog ran up to me I said want to go for a ride? She jumped in the car. I never asked that question before. 2. My wife said to me, in a joking manner, I will spank you and my dog growled and ran up to her. I want to hit you got the same response. Just about anything she says, while jokingly making fun of me, gets the same result. A growl and a charge to her that stops at her feet. The very first time I said pee pee poo poo both of my dogs headed to the door. They also are very good at playing dumb. One dog, an Australian Shepard/Pit bull mix,likes to chew when left alone. When I ask her why did you chew my-------she tucks in her tail and tries to go away. If I hold up an item she has chewed and say nothing she does the same thing. If I chew something while out of her site, as a test, and hold it up to her she ignores me. Regarding a 6th sense sometimes my other dog, a Pitt bull, will get up and walk to the door seconds before I was going to get up and go out somewhere.This has never happened when I get up to go to go somewhere in the house.I also think animals have a way of communicating that we have no understanding of at all.


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