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How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies: Testing 8 Odd Methods

Jul 23rd 2011 4:58PM I also use the apple cider vinegar with drops of dish-washing liquid added and it works great but it also depends on where you put it. The first time I used it I put a cup of the mixture next to my stove and in no time at all there were several at the bottom of the cup. When I decided it was time for a fresh mixture I put it on the windowsill where I had noticed some of them and got nothing! They would fly around it and even sit on top of the cup but would never go in. After watching this for a few days without one fruit fly fatality I decided to move the cup back by the stove and... voila! The next day there were again several at the bottom of the cup! So if this mixture doesn't seem to be working for you try moving it to another location before giving up.


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