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Pal: 'Heartbroken' Hef Thought Crystal Was the One

Jun 15th 2011 2:56PM The ticker will give out long before his pecker will.

LeAnn Rimes Denies Sex Tape Rumors

Jun 11th 2011 9:32AM She says she hadn't done a sex act on tape...did she do one on Sheremet?

Tina Fey Responds to Tracy Morgan's Homophobic Rant

Jun 11th 2011 2:05AM Why is it a gay joke is considered "phobic"? Nothing about homosexuality is fearful to me, it's just plain revolting.

Rick Springfield Arrested for DUI

May 3rd 2011 12:04PM Old washed up teen Rocker trying to make beer money singing about "Jesses Girl" to throngs of Moo Moo clad fat women at junk venues. Sad.

A New Low Price For Le Reve, Georgia's Most Lavish Foreclosed Mansion

Mar 5th 2011 9:17AM Must not be the Hubert Humphrey I'm thinking of, he died 40 years ago of cancer.

John Galliano Said to Be Headed to Rehab; Fashion World Opens Up About His Actions

Mar 2nd 2011 7:08PM Why is it that the Jews are this ultimate sacred cow? Any criticism or comment and your tossed out the door. I say screw'em and let them fight their own battles. Most of the wars in the world would end if they were gone. Survival of the fittest and if your not the fittest by yourself then cya!

Screen Legend Jane Russell Dead at 89

Feb 28th 2011 9:19PM Her husband's heart's just couldn't take the stress of that bombshell...oh my !

Now Hiring: Home Depot to Employ 60,000

Feb 16th 2011 8:12PM And they only have to walk out to the curb to hire them.

Own a Historic Plantation for $695K

Feb 12th 2011 1:35PM Hung like a race horse.

Chicago 2011: 2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 is the fastest, most powerful ever [w/video]

Feb 9th 2011 7:51PM OK, they're building a Camaro that fries rubber...for probably in or near the $50,000 ball park. What a waste. I've hand built 8 cars in vintage bodies (54 Chev, 55 Chevy, 57 Chevy, 58 Chevy, 65 Chevy, 57 Ford, 58 Corvette and a 63 Pontiac Tempest) with drivetrains that all surpass this "thing", each for less than what the Camaro sells for and they will ALL appreciate in valus while the Camaro goes down, down, down. Sure, somebody will bag one for 40 years and make a million but ONE doesn't make a legend.


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