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Create the Look: Jennifer Aniston's Platform Bed

Apr 17th 2010 12:24PM why does the media have such a fascination with Jennifer Annistan ? I mean she is not all that, she is attractive yes but it seems ever since Brad left her for Angelina the media has made her out to be such a sweet heart. It seems every few weeks you get a nice puff piece on Jennifer ! I guess they feel bad for her. Anyone feel the same ?

'Really Sorry' Rousimar Palhares Suspended 90 Days

Mar 28th 2010 10:01PM I cannot believe the guy held onto that submission so long and after the other guy was tapping he was really laying into the submission. The referee was out of place and should have been there right when the guy tapped. I believe a suspension is definitely warrented. He said he did not want to hurt the fighter but it sure seems that he did just that and paid no attention to the tapping.

Mea Culpa: Fox News keeps making conservative-friendly mistakes

Nov 20th 2009 5:34AM Fox news is the only news that has not been corrupted by the Liberal lefties. People are starting to figure out the truth about your leftist agenda news reporting and your not so silent news partner the democratic party, or whatever you want to call them now! Communists and Socialists sounds about right to me.

AOL Straw Poll: Jan. 14-21

Jan 21st 2008 7:03PM your poll means absolutely nothing, Its pathetic. Looks like someone hacked into your polling ! When will this be fixed ? Your polls suck!

Behold the wonder of vinegar

Nov 13th 2007 6:25PM Vinegar is great for removing wallpaper! I use it all the time, I am a painting contractor

Michael Vick Mad at Mora Sr. for "Coach Killer" Comments

Nov 23rd 2006 9:19PM People need to learn what the definition of racist is before they label people as one. Michael Vick has had every opportunity to succeed in the NFL as a quarterback. Sooner or later you need to look at his record and find out that maybe he is not that good! Look at Bledsoe for years he was revered as one of the top quarterbacks, and you know what, 2 times now a younger quarterback has taken his job and made the team much more competitive. I would like to see a good backup come in and replace Michael Vick and see what happens. The Falcons just need a new quarterback and stop it with the race bull its disgusting.


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