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Giuliani, McCain Land Big Endorsements

Nov 7th 2007 1:03PM Sad, sad, sad. If the election gets down to Hillary and Guiliani, I'll be sorely tempted to not even vote. Guiliani (pro-abortion adulterer -- what a winner) is a liberal wearing a Republican cloak, kind of like when he masqueraded as a woman. I'm a Christian, but my opinion of Pat Robertson has steadily declined over the years, thanks to some of the things he has said. Robertson endorsing Guiliani doesn't raise my opinion of Guiliani, it LOWERS my opinion of Robertson even further.

Tennis balls: Little. Yellow. Useful.

Sep 2nd 2007 2:08AM Great list! Here's another use, along the lines of the back massage: put just one tennis ball in a tube sock, throw it back over your shoulder (while still holding onto it), and lean back against a wall. Position the ball right where a nasty muscle knot is, and you'll get it worked out in no time.

Starbucks sued over hot chocolate incident

Nov 27th 2006 4:21PM Number one, Starbucks doesn't serve any drinks uncovered, unless you're requesting it in one of their porcelain mugs in house. Number two, these parents aren't guilty of anything but trusting Starbucks to have made this drink the correct temperature. Are any of you parents of little ones? I have a teenager, two tweens and a baby. As your kids start getting older and out of the toddler stage, you begin trusting them with more (parents know their own children and what each one can handle). My kids would drink hot chocolates from Starbucks when they were small, too, and hand it to me when they were done.

These parents aren't idiots or negligent. If the child's drink really was that hot, the barista was negligent (and maybe new). Starbucks baristas are not perfect. Do they get good training? Yes, but occasionally a turkey slips through. Last year I ordered a latte that was horrible. They remade it (the replacement was good) and gave me a free drink coupon. The other day I got an eggnog latte that just about burned off my taste buds, and that was from just a small sip.

A child's hot chocolate that is hot enough to burn off a LAYER of skin (not through to the skeleton, whoever made that remark) is not unimaginable.

Give the parents a break and think about it.


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