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Hugh Hefner's Secret to Scoring at 85: 'Consistency'

Jun 7th 2011 4:11PM that girl is disgusting! There isn't anything in the world she could possibly say to convince me that she is in love with that prune.

The Daily Fix: Tighten a Refrigerator Door Seal

May 5th 2010 5:09AM that was some funny stuff

Lady Gaga Gets Horny In London

Feb 26th 2010 5:40PM the sad fact is that she is not very talented musically. she is sings (barely) catchy KC & the sunshine band. It IS her outfits that keep her front and center. It's her outfits that she'll be remembered's all about the packaging with her and her management team is doing a great job....they are earning every penny of their fees.

Low-Stress Jobs

Nov 22nd 2009 7:36PM I worked as a retail sales manager for a very fast paced store for 14 years. Had to get out when my blood pressure hit 185/105. Who ever wrote this obviously never worked in sales....or even knew anyone that worked in sales.

Everybody Loves Jeff Dunham -- Or Do They?

Nov 5th 2009 1:14PM Can anyone name 1 comedian that is politically correct? No...that is the point. Comedians are supposed to shock us by doing the unexpected....that is what makes it funny.
If you don't like the act change the channel. Nobody is forcing you to watch.

Did Swine Flu Sideline David Boreanaz and 'Bones'?

Oct 6th 2009 9:14PM I'm a nurse in a hospital in the south jersey area. We have lost 3 people to the swine flu in the last 3 months. All 3 under 30 years of age. One was a pregnant mother that we had to keep on life support for 2+ weeks to be able to deliver the baby safely, but still premature. Mom died 7 minutes after the birth. It is NOT just the flu, take care to get the vaccine when it available.

Tweeting Your Miscarriage: Is Nothing Sacred?

Oct 4th 2009 4:31PM Ok, here's the deal. Do I agree with her opinion on abortion, No. However I am amazed that people feel the have the right to be offended by her tweeting about her life. Regardless of how personal the information maybe, and regardless of how tactless she chooses to share that info, it's still her life to do with and convey as she pleases. i don't tweet so I'm not sure, but don't you have to subscribe to someones twitter page? If the answer is "yes" and you have subscribed to her page/tweet/whatever, then you are voyeuristic and got exactly what you were looking for and if you don't like what you got...."change the channel". If the answer is "no", then don't stop and read her tweet. Either way she can tweet what she wants, no matter how tasteless and/or disgusting you think it is.

Sexxpresso: Erotic coffee shop opens in Vegas

Nov 11th 2007 6:47PM Whatever floats your boat....if you think it's disgusting, don't go there. If you find it degrading to women, don't go there. If you don't want to run the risk of pubes in your coffee, don't go there. Otherwise....shut the hell's a coffee shop and it's vegas!

Reheat those leftovers safely

Nov 28th 2006 10:57AM This has been public information for atleast a decade now. Like everything else that you consume, breathe, wear, drive, the microwave has some precautions. Follow them and you're fine. Don't follow them and after you're done suing the microwave manufacturers for giving you cancer, maybe you can sue McD's for serving you hot coffee and making you fat.


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