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At The Aspen Animal Shelter, You Can Rent-A-Pet On Your Vacation

Aug 10th 2013 1:28AM I don't know if this is a good idea. If you get a pet for the weekend, the dog or cat will get its hopes up that this person is giving them a new home, only to be put back in the shelter a few days later. I'm sure the shelter has good intentions, but they should have considered the emotional state of the pets first.

Would You Buy A Half-Seat On A Plane?

Aug 8th 2013 8:20PM How silly, if I want more elbow room or an entire row of seats to sprawl out on I simply take a night flight. Most of the time the plane isn't even half-full and you can pick and choose where you sit or lie down. But I'm not paying an extra dime.

Tips For Gaming Hotel Websites To Get The Best Room Rates

Nov 19th 2012 8:42PM Check on the internet for the best hotel price, then call the hotel and ask for the manager of sales. They'll be able to tell you the best prices they have and give you a good deal.

Monserrate Shirley, Indianapolis Homeowner Whose House Exploded, Bereft Over Tragedy

Nov 14th 2012 7:24PM She's not at fault. If her furnace had issues they would probably have been found by the mechanic who fixed her furnace a month earlier when it had turned off. I've had this happen to my furnace before, too, and the mechanic who fixed it checked it out completely to make sure everything was ok after the obvious cause had been found. Since she's not a mechanic, even IF her furnace was the cause of the explosion, how can she be blamed for it?

Missouri's 'Dancing Rabbit' Ecovillage (Off the Grid)

Sep 29th 2012 6:59PM I love the concept of sustainable living. I'm trying to practice some of the priciples, but I find it hard to grow enough food on a sun-starved city lot or raise chickens here without ruining my yard. Are they taking on any more people, and do you get a say in what you can build?

Floor Plans of TV Homes: Brandi Roberts Re-Creates the 'Friends' Apartment and More

Sep 12th 2012 11:24PM I love to draw floor plans myself and also have always tried to recreate floorplans of TV homes. Among those I tried to draw were the house in "Bewitched", "Eight is enough", "A Christmas Story", and my favorite, the house in "The Cosby Show". Last Christmas I tried to draw the Griswolds' house (National Lampoons' Christmas Vacation), and while the downstairs is pretty straightforward, the upstairs still has me puzzled somewhat because they don't show much of it in the movie. But I'll get there. I just never thought of putting them online, let alone selling them.

10 Pieces Of Travel Advice To Ignore

Sep 8th 2012 6:04PM Great advice. I can definitely vouch for the cleanliness of hostels. Born and raised in Germany, I've gone on my share of class trips, and we've always stayed at hostels. They were always clean, and all we had to do was bring our own linens. During our senior trip to Italy we stayed at a hostel in Rome that was actually a monastery run by monks, so yes, you'll find all sorts of hostels all over the world. As for talking to strangers, just use common sense.

Faith in Real Estate: Using Divine Intervention to Sell Homes

Sep 7th 2012 6:19PM That's not quite true. I'm Lutheran, and while we don't have as many saints, we do have some, such as St. Nicholas and St. Martin, who are celebrated on their respective holidays. The main difference is that, unlike Catholics, we don't venerate them.

Paying Down Your Mortgage: How to Do it the Right Way

Aug 16th 2012 3:57PM After I read an article in which a man collected pennies for 30 years and used them to make his final payment, I wondered if it would have made any difference if he had used the extra cash each month to pay down the principal. I did the math, and although that last payment was only something like $650, which would have only been $1.80 a month, he could have saved something like $3,500 over the life of the mortgage. So really, even an extra $10 towards your principal can save you big bucks in the long run, so if you have even just a little extra money, pay it towards the principal. If you get a $5 latte at Starbucks every day, you're spending $150 a month on a frilly cup of coffee. That same $150 could save you tens of thousands of dollars on your mortgage.

18 Deals on the Best Bras for Your Bust

Feb 18th 2012 9:16PM If all you need to do is cover your nipples (they can be pesky in cold weather) why not wear a training or sports bra? They'll keep things covered up and are pretty inexpensive to boot.


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