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Dana L. McDade

Dana L. McDade

Member Since Dec 3rd, 2006

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The Daily Fix: Tighten a Refrigerator Door Seal

May 4th 2010 10:15PM In case of refrigerator seal leaking, due to "twisting" or "curling", I would suggest a simple fixit. Anyway, it has worked for me. Wash the seal with bleach to remove any discoloration from air leakage . Let it dry and to be certain, wait a couple days. Then, open the door and use a common hair dryer on the seal, holding the dryer close in order to get it hot. On 3 different refrigerators, I found the seal will try to right itself out of the contortion shape and be almost as good as new. .

Hot Seat: Joe the Plumber

Oct 17th 2008 9:38PM Barb,
The guy's middle name is Joe. He is an "unlicensed" plumber. Hell in some states and areas, a plumber is not even issued a license, but they are still great plumbers! Never the less, he wants to purchase the plumbing company for whom he works. In Ohio or any other state, he does not need a license to own the company! That is settled!
The fact is, he was in his own home in his neighborhood when Obama came calling in that neighborhood. Nobody "planted" Joe HE LIVES THERE ! "Joe" simply went over to Obama & asked what happens if he buys the company and starts turning over $250,000 a year [which is not abnormal for a company with 6 employees] Obama told him his plan was to take some of Joe's wealth and spread it among folks who had not worked that hard & earned as much as Joe's company. Joe did not like the sounds of that. It actually is welfare.
You liberals always flower the facts when they discredit Obama. So no matter what you blog, Joe is a legitimate "Joe 6 pack" who asked your ignorant muslim candidate a simple question for which your ignorant muslim candidate could not provide a logical answer!
You keep him tefloned so no one will investigate him! His ideas and his plans are exactly like Jimmy Carter's, In the 1970's, Jimmy's years, we had high taxes, entitlements for all loafers, & double digit interest on ALL home loans, no matter how good your credit was. I was there, I know.

NFL Sunday Pregame Live Blog: Tom Coughlin Not in Hot Water

Dec 3rd 2006 1:23PM No matter what the outcome of todays contest against the Giants, our Cowboys are still playing at a higher level for which we must be proud! The mere fact that the chances for them in the playoffs are good makes a lump on your throat.


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