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The Vanilla Ice Project: Our Revealing Q&A with the Rapper-Turned-Remodeler

Oct 11th 2010 7:14AM Hey Joe! Don't hate him because he's doing something different & better in his life! Do you feel better about yourself when you put other's down? I'm very proud of Rob for all the accomplishments he's made & for getting tired of the bachelor life, which proves when people have lots of money, they also have lots of friends. I'm proud of him for seeing the road of alcohol/drug abuse only leads you straight down a road that leads to destruction. G-d bless him for seeing that the prodigal way of life was not getting him anywhere! G-d bless Rob, his wife & his 2 children! Don't hate him because he's succeeding, Joe! Why don't you pull the beam out of your own eye before worrying about the speck that's in Rob's eye! I pray you find your place in life soon, so you'll stop feeling the need to put down others who are doing something better for themselves & others!

Worst Human Ever Arranges Wife's Rape on Craigslist

Jun 11th 2009 9:37AM Mary, I totally understand how you feel. I, too, back in 1986, when I was 17yrs old, was raped by 2 guys I had liked & trusted. My then bestfriend, Andrea, was supposed to go w/me to party w/these guys we met in our neighborhood who used to skateboard down her & my 2 streets. She decided she didn't want to go, she got a horrible feeling in her gut, & told me not to go because she was afraid something would happen to me, too. I told her not to worry, it's Amos & Jeff, they wouldn't do anything to hurt us. Well, apparently they stuck a date rape drug in my drinks, as I was so out of it, I remember bits & pieces of it, I remember seeing another guy, Ray, looking in the window, then they hid my underclothes in the freezer, all at Amos' parents' home. They both hurt me terribly at the same time. I'm healed today because of my Heavenly Father God. Healing takes time, sometimes a long time, sometimes immediately, but w/this, it takes longer. But the more you talk about it w/someone who understands what you've been through, the quicker you'll be able to heal from this. I didn't call the police because I didn't think anyone would believe me. I was too ashamed to even face my Mom afterwards. There's so much I didn't tell her because of her harsh treatment of me. I went down a horrible road of alcohol, drugs, & a permiscuous lifestyle, which only made matters worse. If you want to heal, you can talk to me.

Who Needs a Black Princess Anyway? We All Do

Jun 8th 2009 10:44AM I'm happy they've come out w/this! It shows all children that color is only skin deep! God doesn't judge us by the color of our skin, anyway! HE judges us by what's inside our hearts! I was never raised to judge others by the color of their skin, nor have I raised my children to be that way! I'm happy to see that they've made an AA princess, since they have a princess of other skin tones, it's about time they made a princess for all skin tones to enjoy, so they can see that all can be a princess, Red & Yellow, Black, & White, they are precious in HIS Sight! JESUS LOVES THE LITTLE CHILDREN OF THE WORLD! GOD BLESS YOU ALL! In Christ's Love & Service, Your sister in the LORD, Danielle

Woman asked to stop breastfeeding at YMCA

Jan 22nd 2006 6:41AM I am a Mommy of a 3&1/2 yr old girl & an 8 mos old boy. I nurse my son on demand, when he wants it as a schedule never worked for either 1 of my children. I would NEVER trust any other adults who I don't know to keep an eye on my daughter while I was elsewhere to nurse my son! Don't you people understand that pedophiles choose working around children to have better access to them to molest them? I'm a stay@home Mom & having done my research on pedophiles, some haven't gotten caught yet,& I will NEVER subject my children to being their 1st or next victim. Therefore, I will remain at the poolside to both support & protect my children & if my infant son needs to nurse, so BE IT! I will never sacrifice 1 for the other & if those lifeguards don't understand, that's their problem! If I was Mrs. Fuks, I would've continued nursing & if they gave me a problem, I'd get all the local moms to spread the word to have a boycott against the YWCA then I'd contact the ACLU, causing more of a ruccus, & w/the YWCA supposed to be a Christian organization, they of ALL people should understand the choices of mothers wanting to supply their children w/that which GOD has provided mothers to give to their babies! I would also start a petition, having it signed by everyone for nursing by poolsides, then fight to have a law passed to protect the rights of women who chose to nurse their babies in public areas! My home state, Delaware, protects nursing Moms. Now, I would like to say this, though: I feel women who do nurse their babies in public should be discreet as I wouldn't want some woman whipping out her boob in front of my hubby! When I nurse my son, I am very discreet. I 1st stick him in a Snugli Carrier?, purchased at $20, then I keep a nursing cape over him, purchased at $10. When he was younger, not as heavy as he is now, I would walk around the stores or where ever & nurse him & people couldn't figure out what I was doing. I've had some people~men & women~try to look thru the top netting area to see what my son's doing, but before they get a chance to peek, I quickly say:"Don't do that, my son is nursing in private!" Now that he's much heavier & I have back problems, I still keep him in the carrier, but do ride on those scooters at stores to make it easier on my back. Whatever works, I use it. My son is so used to it that he doesn't try to move the cape away either. I recommend this way, & maybe if Mrs.Fuks tries to be very discreet about nursing, she won't have anymore problems. I had 1 time someone told me to nurse in the bathroom. & I replied, "If you eat your meals in the bathroom 1st & tell me how it made you feel, then I MIGHT consider it!" They shut up & left me alone! HAH! PRAISE THE LORD! Be blessed everyone! & remember, your babies are only a baby for a little bit, nursing is a way of bonding w/them. Breastmilk makes antibodies to fight off infections, viruses, flues, disease,that are passed thru you into your babies through your milk. Breastfed babies do not die from SIDS, formula fed babies do! Breastfed babies don't get ear infections either! & women who don't breastfeed their babies have a higher risk of getting breast, ovarian & uteran cancer than that of women who do nurse. & those who nurse longer than 1 yr lower their chances even more than those who nurse for 6 mos. In that aspect, I chose to nurse till my babies were ready to wean. In the Eastern world, women nurse their children till their 6yrs old! Oh, to tell a nursing mother to give her baby a bottle is definitely an insult as a lot of nursing moms do not give their babies bottles at all; they just straight nurse! My son wouldn't take a bottle till he was 5 mos old! He flat out refused, pushed it out w/his tongue, cried, fussed as he ONLY wanted my breast! I feel the ywca's excuse of no food/drink in pool area was an excuse to cover up the TRUE reason: a young teenaged girl or women worked side by side w/her boyfriend lifeguard & she didn't want him looking at another women's breast! Plain & simple, maybe that girl didn't have much in the breast dept & the nursing mom had large breasts & didn't want her boyfriend gawking due to jealousy factors! Something to think about as we don't know how other people's minds work or think!


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