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American workers protest, say company is blaming labor AgAAin

Feb 20th 2012 11:08PM I feel sorry for the people involved here. I realize there are unions involved, etc., but most of people have been dedicated to being professional individuals and providing a safe product to their customers. Many have spent their career at this company and are facing the prospect of their planned retirement being severely damaged.
It is easy to point fingers in these situations and blame the company for being greedy or the union for being inflexible but there are no easy answers. I just hope for the best for those involved. I flew for a legacy carrier that is now in the dust bin of aviation. It wasn't a pretty picture but there is life after the dust settles. Good luck.

American Airlines to cut jobs, work remaining force harder

Feb 1st 2012 6:09PM You can put that right into the lap of the unions. They have been purpously doing everything they can to make the American flying experience as miserable as possible. I have that directly from one of their cabin crew who explained to me that they are demonstrating to the company the power they have. Little do they realize that in their efforts they are ailienating the very customer that pays their mortgage payment and the financial health of ther company.
I used to fly for an airline and have seen first hand the mentality involved in some of the union activity. It is amazing how otherwise intellegent and professional individuals can get caught up in activities that actually damage the very hand that feeds them. It becomes a matter of ego in who wins and loses. The big and long term picture doesn't seem to matter.

A light sleeper's lament: six things you shouldn't do in a hotel

Jan 14th 2012 10:26AM I like this article. It is amazing how the "hotel amatuers" behave! I have had the unfortunate experience of being a hotel guest for much of my working life. I am a professional pilot so I am always on the go.
The worst time on average is the weekends with the "weekend warriors". I understand that many people don't get out much ( that is obvious) and when they do it is YAHOO time for them. I have experienced all of the above items in this article and sometimes all at the same time.It amazes me just how inconsiderate people are and how much lack of situatiuonal awareness there is, especially concerning others. Some of us are working for a living and really need to get rest to function properly.
Two things that I really notice are the door slammers and the breakfast buffett crowd.
From time to time there will be a group that loves to be up late and just let their doors slam; over and over. When that happens, I have found that it is very necessary for me to be sure my door is secure when I leave my room early in the morning when they are trying to sleep. Sometimes it takes two or three times to be sure my door is secure. ( can't be too careful, you see)
It is amazing to me the state of dress ( or undress as the case may be) people show up in at a breakfst buffett. I don't think some can distinguish the difference from schlepping around home at breakfast and being in a hotel in public. Maybe it is just me...
For those in my life who tell me how glamorus my life "getting" to stay in hotels and eat at restaurants, I just tell them, "yes, I'm sure it is" ( they wouldn't understand anyway) it is one of those situations where if you understand, no explanation is necessary, if you don't, no explanation will suffice.
Well, good night, folks. It is time to slide between the sheets, hope for a quite night, and dream about what tomorrows buffett will bring...

Bernanke: Fed Should Help Turn Foreclosures Into Rentals

Jan 5th 2012 6:31PM This plan has to be from some government "official" who has zero experience as a landlord. It all looks good on paper to them but just wait until the reality of dealing with tenants comes to fruition.
I own several rental properties in a few states. I can attest to the fact that there is a huge difference between theory and fact in that industry. Also, it sounds as if the government is planning to sponser a program that will compete with those of us who have invested tens of thousands of dollars as small businesses. The business is tough enough without having to compete with some government program with endless resources.

Obama Targets Foreclosures With 'Project Rebuild'

Sep 12th 2011 8:55PM Whenever the goverment interrupts the free market system it always ends up in disaster. That's the reason we are in the housing mess we are in now. In the recent past Barney Frank was the chair of the House Banking Commitee.
That body required banks to make loans to those not qualified with the liberal idealism that we should all participate in the dream of home ownership. Sounds good in print and great for getting votes but does not work because owning a home requires responsibility and too many who received loans in the past several years were not finacially responsible or qualified; no matter how much the liberals want them to be. It is called REALITY!
Furthur tinkering in the housing market by the federal government will only lead to more of mess of untold proportions. The Federal government needs to stick to what the constitution allows it to do and stay OUT of private enterprise.

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

May 22nd 2011 5:51PM The article is ok. I agree with all the surface prep and the oil primer and oil based finish. However, a great alternative to oil is the use of 100% acrylic as a finish. NOT acrylic latex. Most big box stores do not sell 100% acrylic and will tell you their latex based finish is just as good. NOT so! You will have to go to a paint store. I have been able to get it at Sherwin Williams but ask for it. IT is a great product for woodwork, especially cabinitry. It has a very durable finish, very good color retention, and it minimizes brush strokes.( not to mention the odor and cleanup issues of oil products)
As with all paints, buy the very best brush you can get and be sure it is for the type of paint you are using.( actually, buy two and trade off brushes every few hours. It will be easier to use and give a better finish with a clean brush)
As a side note, latex based paints are notorious for not flowing out when brushed. Thats why the brush stroke issue in fine work like kitchen cabinets. It also has leaves a slightly sticky surface in the semi-gloss and gloss products which is bad news in a kitchen where hands are on the surface as well as grease residue. Regradless of manufacturers claims on cleanability, the semi-gloss and gloss versions of latex can be difficult to clean and stain with the relatively soft, sticky surface.

Vegetarian passenger tosses meat at flight attendant

Mar 21st 2011 10:40PM I am just surprised the flight originated in the D.R. It sounds more like the behavior you would expect from someone, say, from...Boca Raton!!

TSA Considering Major Airport Security Shakeup

Mar 3rd 2011 7:20PM This will never work. Why?? It is a government organization attempting to use an intelligence based system!

Teen Fractures Skull in a Failed Burglary Attempt

Feb 27th 2011 12:20AM The reporter should get the headline correct. It should read"Teen fractures skull in attempted BURGERLY attempt" Not ROBBERY attempt. It is a common mistake. Robbery is theft by force or threat of force. Burgerly is theft by taking.
This article seems to use both terms interchangably. Journalists should be proficient in the use and terms used in the English language.

Best and Worst Cell Phones: GoodGuide's Exclusive Ratings

Feb 20th 2011 9:03AM I looked at this article because I am now looking at replacing my existing phone and thought it was great that helpful information was at hand. Well, I was sadly disappointed when I read this article. There is nothing of use in this article. It is nothing more than the typical useless nonsense that comes from the envriomental whackos. I shouldn't be surprised that it appears here on AOL/Huffington Post.
No wonder membership on AOL has shrunk from thirty million to near four million. I guess thats why AOL has recently released "millions of screen names" now available. All those screen names represent past members who have bailed out. I suppose I need to make a move myself...


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