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martin pistilli

martin pistilli

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Justin Bieber Attacked at New York Fragrance Launch

Jun 23rd 2011 11:27PM to all the guys bad mouthing him hey he made 53 million last year what did you make? i will wear a pink sweater and promote perfum to the fans. most guys who pick on other guys like this or just some plain kid for school or etc.... they are unsecure in there slevs and jealous

Justin Bieber's Manly, Mysterious Moustache

Jan 16th 2011 11:13PM HELLO he can wear it if he wants to just being silly and oh yeah by the way he made 100million dollars last yr

Matthew Morrison: 'Fame is Like a Hand Gun'

Nov 17th 2010 8:03PM now he has abs why better then mike from jersey shore

15 Jobs That Pay $50 an Hour

Oct 18th 2010 10:03AM I have to luagh and sad at the same time i have a friend that is a personel trainer at a gym with no college just high school education and dumbass peole rich gay guys pay him 65$ hr stand there and tell them how to work out. I can see a trainer for a couple of weeks is all but 65$ hr ?????????/

Following GPS, Man Drives Van Up Swiss Mountain, Gets Stuck

Oct 1st 2010 11:09AM GPS systems are a waste of money and resources they are for dumbass people that can not read a map

The Situation Isn't So Bad on 'Dancing with the Stars' (VIDEO)

Sep 21st 2010 9:35AM the situation is not cute handsome and will he stop pulling up is shirt in all the promo ads etc. his abs have no defition no 6 pack. yes he is toned and some what muscular i have seen way better. and you can tell he has not much going for in the brains dept.

Do Men Who Date Paris Hilton Seal Their Demise?

Sep 11th 2010 7:32PM paris would me jsut another fly on the wall except she came form a background of wealth. think about WHAT as she really done acting no singing no modeling maybe charity no if so money from her parents she is just somewhat of a pertty girl from a rich family period

Justin Bieber Gets Emotional While Singing about Parents' Breakup

Aug 30th 2010 11:45PM hey who knows mabe justin will be the next elvis or miachel jackson no i am not comparimg him to them. but just like girls went all crazy for elvis back that it seem ok. I am sure there was people back then that hated on elvis and said some of the mane things that are being sadi about justin. just like they did with elvis either they did not like elvis or was jealous

Adam Lambert Shaves Half of His Head

Jun 19th 2010 8:05PM I would like to take a poll not that if you gay or not or whatever you perfer. the poll question is if adam was not gay or if you did not know if he was gay or not would you like him or his music??????

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Signs Tough Immigration Law

Apr 23rd 2010 6:27PM whats the big deal if you are here legal and or was born here then you should not have anything to be concerned about if you are here illegal then leave and come back legal or not at all


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