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Trouble Blooms: Condo Board Sues Resident Over Flowers

Mar 20th 2012 10:24PM Oh My God! What are the Condo Association Board made of? Do they put an ad in the paper saying: Please we need all kinds of crazies addicted to conflict, looking for power-over and envious of anything that makes people happy to become part of our Condo Assoc Board?

Miami Man Found Dead in House With 60,000 Bees

Nov 23rd 2011 1:08AM It is so sad that people are so very ignorant (means not knowledgeable) of the facts about the bees. Without bees there would not be humans, there would not be crops or fruits. We need the bees, must help them, Relocating them instead of Erradicating would be the best for the environment. Humans are so stupid, poisoning their own water, their own air, killing species designed to aid in the propagation of edible gifts from our own special (definitely not just a rock in space) self-suficient miracle of our planet. We need to change for the better not for the worse.

Charlie Sheen's Porn Star Party Friend Kacey Jordan Attempts Suicide

Mar 16th 2011 1:22AM Kacey, Kacey, nobody but yourself can save you. When you finally have the guts to shake off all of your addiction to drama, suffering and up and down uncontrolled emotions, and stop using drugs which only exacerbates your addiction to drama, suffering, etc. you will think clearly that you and you alone have to "man up" in other words grow up or prepare to watch yourself die by an overdose. What a waste of a pretty head, use it to make yourself better not worse. Really!

Try This: How Do You Deal With Nightmares and Monsters Under the Bed?

Feb 27th 2011 4:16PM The best way I found was to teach the child that in his brain he is the one who manufactures/makes every thought, he chooses to think this way or that way and back around, the thoughts he makes produce an effect in our emotions therefore by controlling what kind of thoughts we prefere to make he is having control on his own emotions. Smart people prefer to feel good and positive emotions, others who do not know this might fall in an addiction to drama, suffering and conflict. When we imagine monsters, we should also imagine ourselves laughing and thinking poor monster, he is not that scary, anyway I prefer to imagine something better and go ahead and imagine a ride at Universal etc, or even imagine flying. While all this is a lot for a 3 year old you should be surprised and how quickly they understand this and how this new control on their thoughts give way to a just sense of responsibility as well as fun.

Pavers Patio

Jun 19th 2010 10:58AM Sourpuss :)

Herbal Supplements Often Have Contaminants, Study Shows

May 26th 2010 7:40PM I see, in Florida, a group of scientists declared that they have cured cancer, I was looking for more news but there was nothing else. In France, a scienist makes a car which goes up to 65mph and it never uses a drop of oil, it uses a small shock which starts an air compressor, it takes air from the street and expels air to the street. Last thing I heard you can still google it ("air car" and the company making them comes out, they are supposed to being sold on a trial basis - to see how it withstands cold weather etc in France, Canada and India. But, do the rest of the world hear about it? No. I bet u never heard about it either. Also, wouldn't it be great that all flat cities started using it already? About this article, am not surprised the greedy drug companies complain about it, it's obviously taking $$ out of their expected earnings. What would come next? The plant police burning your Laurel, your Kelp, your peppers, your parsley tea? your canary grass seed water? COME ON!

Let Priests Marry? Austrian Cardinal Schönborn Roils the Vatican

May 20th 2010 8:03PM Memo to the Pope: It is like tryng to cover the Gulf's oil spill with a napkin. The matter is not that the priests should marry in order for them to stop being pedophiles monsters who prey on children, this premise alone is not only stupid but brainless. The main matter is the incumbent pedophilia and the obvious sociopathy. All pedophiles are dangerous sociopaths. These type of sociopath pedophile is the worst of the worst because it preys on the most vulnerable and defenseless. That is the matter at hand. Who cares if the priests start marrying each other or fooling around with the nuns. The Catholic Church needs to oust every single one pedophile, investigate each complaint even if it is just a remote possibility because the price to pay, the innocence of even just one defenselss child is too high to ignore. Imagine hundreds. The ones found out need to be put away in jail or facility from which they can never get out in lieu of a death sentence for ruining hundreds of children's lives. The Catholic Church Must begin this process at once.

Is This 'Single Ladies' Video Too Hot for Tots?

May 13th 2010 10:33PM Britney are you a 40 yr old pervert? anyone with a brain can see these girls are dancing very provocatively in bikinis with knee socks. You have a problem and have no taste and no class and the mothers and teachers of these girls who danced and practiced so hard and are so rightfully talented have been disrespected.

Is This 'Single Ladies' Video Too Hot for Tots?

May 13th 2010 10:30PM Britney, are you really a 40 yr old pervert? anyone with a brain would see these girls are dancing in bikinis with knee socks, what is so cute about that? Maybe you would like to wear that outfit but you are a 40 yr old pervert. It is just not age appropriate. If you cant see that then you have the problem.

Is This 'Single Ladies' Video Too Hot for Tots?

May 13th 2010 10:20PM I believe that people are just not caring anymore about protecting our children from growing too fast, on the contrary, everything around them is for them to lose their childhood in a miriad of brainwashing messages to pretend to be an adult and forget about being a child. I think that all the pedophiles would love the outfits and I am appalled that their mothers and dance teachers used these kids that way. Their dancing is so fantastic and fierce for their age that it really did not need the too sexy for their age customs. I would blame all the moms and teachers for making these little girls look like hookers. These little girls because that is what they are probably took this dance as a lot of fun. The adults around them are at fault 100% and they have disrespected these girls and their talent.


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