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Bleeding Buckeye Red Ale - Beer of the Week

Jul 27th 2009 6:38PM arrgh!, sorry for the double post, but I agree, a gray head wouldn't be a good thing any way you look at it.

Bleeding Buckeye Red Ale - Beer of the Week

Jul 27th 2009 6:35PM Umm....the colors are scarlet, and gray, no " dainty white". Granted I would imagine it would be nigh impossible to create a gray foam head, and even if you could, it would probably be unappealing. Just saying.........

What Lowe's & Home Depot Could Learn From Target (and Me)

Jul 16th 2009 9:14AM Coupons? Only if they specify a checkout only for that purpose, trying to get through the lines is already a nightmare with people not knowing what do-dad they have, whether it will do what they need, etc. And half of the time they wait until they are at the register, and ask the clerk for advice, when they should have asked in the department they selected the item in.

Fortunately all of these have contractors desks where those of us who know what we need, and want to get back to getting something done, rather than browsing, can check out.

Open a can with a knife

Jun 25th 2008 8:32PM Agree with the above, a non-locking folding knife will most likely open something up in a hurry, and it won't be the can in most cases!

Don't get zapped: working with electricity

Feb 18th 2008 1:43PM I have done the same thing many times, on many jobs, just because it is easier than locating an un- labled breaker when by yourself, especially if the box is in another remote part of the building.

Get rid of loose pipes

Feb 13th 2008 8:16PM I have salvaged partially used cans of foam by inserting a pipe cleaner in the opening. Just remove it with pliers when ready to re use, and the dried foam will all come with it.

Circular Saw blade Knockout Removal

Feb 9th 2008 12:20PM Actually a ball peen hammer would be preferable, as the face on them is not hardened, reducing the possibility of chipping.

Most of us don't carry one on the job however, I think that is what the author had ion mind.

Yikes! A snake!

Feb 2nd 2008 12:37PM I saw this the other day, what a great idea! I can envision a lot of applications for this too, , from the ones you mentioned, to locating wiring lost in chases,examining duct work, etc.

Tired of overpriced beer? Store your drink in your seat cushion!

Feb 2nd 2008 11:15AM Not to mention that by advertising, they have taken away any covert advantage this product may have had!

A Grape Reason to Go Back to College

Jan 4th 2008 11:51PM First let me welcome you to the slashfood bloggers, well written piece, and interesting!

Of course we would like to be part of your study group.
While we know very little about the scientific side of wine, we do know what we like, and in the end, isn't that what counts?


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