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Tim Tebow Slays NFL Doubters

Dec 28th 2010 10:40AM I am still a doubter, two games under his belt and only one reasonably good one, does not address his ability over a season or two. Write this article again at the end of 2011 and we shall cast our vote. He is not quite ready for the hall of fame quite yet

Who Knew? Unusual Pool Care Tips

Aug 6th 2010 9:17AM Don't put them into the pool especailly if they are dirty or dusty. It will clean them, yes, but at the expense of making the pool filter work harder to remove what was on the chairs. Heaven forbid if you put an metal one in by mistake, the rust is terrible for the pool water and would cause the chemicals to be out of balance. Look at making a plan B.

70-Year-Old MMA Fighter John Williams Got in the Cage to Feel Alive Again

Jul 31st 2010 10:33AM Maybe a joke to you. Until you learn respect, that is all it will be. Someday you will be old and your younger brethern will be laughing at you like I am laughing now. I would love to see you in the ring with this old man, you would not last 10 seconds.

Resume Mistakes That Keep Hiring Managers Amused But Cost You the Interview

Jul 25th 2010 6:38PM And someday may you be skilled enough to know the difference between paper and plastic when you bag groceries as the supermarket. Be sure to put that skill on your resume!

Most 'extra virgin' olive oil bottles are actually cheaper mix -- even Rachael Ray's

Jul 17th 2010 12:18AM 6 months to be exact. I have spoken to so many AOL support people about this issue. All told me they would report it. AOL is too big, they just don't care about the members who pay their salaries. Time to revolt by leaving AOL

Jayson Werth Feels 'Bad,' but Not Sorry for Outburst at Fan

Jul 12th 2010 7:21AM The fan lied, no way the ball was going to hit his son. Dad stood up, stepped forward, and reached up to catch the ball. That being said, the player should have been more careful in his choice of words. However, I agree the player should have been allowed to catch the ball.

James Says Gilbert's Bitterness Makes His Decision Easier

Jul 10th 2010 7:11PM All major sport teams have a bottom line or they would not be in business. Yes business. How many popular players have been traded to another team when the player value declined? This so called owner wants it both ways, well he can't have it. If he can't stand the HEAT, he should get out of the business and go into whine making, he is sour grapes now.

Too Good To Be Food: Edy's Antioxidant Fruit Bars

Jul 9th 2010 12:20AM and for people with Diabetes, good for some but not for all.

Michael Douglas' Ex-Wife Wants a Piece of His 'Wall Street 2' Money

Jun 28th 2010 3:07PM I have to ask, were you one of the affairs? Maybe you just watched them, if there were any afairs. Leave it to the lawyers, it is hardly any of your business or mine. It is fun to put you down for putting down others. Lucky for me, I am not married to you!

Luxist Giveaway: Win An Allen Brothers Steak Prize Pack

Jun 1st 2010 3:14PM nothing better than one of these prime steaks. You can taste the difference, the marbling makes all the difference.


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