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UK Passenger Jet Barely Misses UFO

May 3rd 2013 12:36AM Wonder if aliens do silly things like buzz our aircraft much like jackasses in cars do to people on bicycles?

Why Dogs Prefer Things That Stink

Jan 20th 2012 10:22AM My son and his wife have a nine month old Pit Bull who sleeps in my bed. I frequently awaken to find the dog has carried their underpants into the bed to sleep with. Guess this is the dog's way of keeping us all together. After reading the story of Sirloin and his rotting, maggot-filled skunk carcass, those undies don't seem so bad after all.

Census: American Dream of Home Ownership May Be Gone for Good

Oct 8th 2011 6:29PM Would love to have seen a couple suggestions thrown in with those sad stats: 1) Put off having any children until you can afford them. Get the education and job situation under control before popping out the sprouts (good idea to limit those, too); 2) Buy only that which you can comfortably afford. This means not only housing but clothing, jewelry (non-essential but some folk gotta have that huge diamond ring), kid's schools and cars. Not a guarantee of a debt-free life but one has a better chance of happiness if they don't take on more than they can afford.

Teenager Builds 130-Square-Foot House for College

Aug 30th 2011 11:47AM Looks like a great kid who'll go far in life. I'm lazy so I'd probably just buy a used one of those little "Casita" mobile homes and park it in the nearest campground or trailor parks. Gotta say, when the video first came on and showed them entering their home, I thought that was the 130 sf home and thought, "Dang. That's a well executed layout there."

Cat Can't Look

Aug 28th 2011 1:18AM Probably squirted lemon in his eyes when fixing his iced tea.

Snake Hitches a Ride

Aug 4th 2011 5:48PM Have no idea what kind of snake that was but I think the fools could've pulled over instead and allowed the critter to drop onto either the side of the road or the median. Jerks.

Minute Makeover: Change Up Your Pillowscape

Jul 30th 2011 7:19PM Never could understand the need for throw pillows on a bed. Maybe on a couch where someone may actually use one to support their back or for a nap, but on a bed? Superfluous and time consuming. Most folks I know use two pillows for sleep (one under the head one to hold) so why not just have double pillows and buy extra cases in whatever fancy or contrasting patterns you please?'s Josie Daga: Giving Bridal Gowns a Second Life

Jul 15th 2011 4:40PM After having read a number of articles recently dealng with estranged and divorcing spouses going missing, being killed horribly and, in one instance, a husband having his manhood cut off, I'd say worrying about a wedding dress would be at the end of a long list of stuff to worry about. Stay single.

Henry Winkler Refuses to Be Defeated By Dyslexia

Jul 8th 2011 11:31AM Dyslexics untie!

Effects of Premature Birth Felt into Adulthood

Jul 1st 2011 3:25PM This article is about premature babies. Why on Earth did they choose a picture of a baby who looks like he'd be able to kick his way out that Isolette?


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