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Susanna MacGregor

Susanna MacGregor

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My Grandmother Encouraged Me to Get Plastic Surgery

Dec 6th 2010 8:18AM Nice story. But why is the surgery called breast "augmentation" in the first sentence? It was breast reduction, as far as I can tell. I guess in some Orwellian double speak way that is a form of augmentation; that is, if you have received your journalism training in one of today's Americancolleges. What is the degree called? A "BS" in BS?

SmackDown: Should Parents Give Gifts to Adult Children?

Dec 5th 2010 9:43AM Let's see. Here's a variation on the theme. In my forties, I was buying gifts for my parents from my husband and me, gifts for my grandmother, gifts that my parents could give to grandma, gifts that grandma could give to my parents, gifts that my parents could give to me, gifts that my parents could give to my husband, gifts that grandma could give to me, gifts that grandma could give to my husband, gifts from my mother to her sister, gifts from her sister to her. also I was making my mother's famous fudge and peanut brittle (a dangerous process) so she could give it to the neighbors and her friends and acquaintances, pretending to have made it herself. And making plenty extra for her to hide and eat till June. I worked long hours at a hard job a day's drive away. So, Christmas was a hectic hell. Just thought you opinionated gift persons might like to contemplate this. Maybe the thing to do is whatever you want, and if you don't want to do something, tell the other person, and if other people don't like it, so what.

Wear Wristwatch? Use Email? Not for Class of '14

Aug 18th 2010 8:24PM How boring and dumb.

Wear Wristwatch? Use Email? Not for Class of '14

Aug 18th 2010 7:46PM I took a computer class recently at a college and the 18-ish brat sitting next to me spent the ENTIRE class time messing around with Facebook and when she got around to flunking the course had the nerve to very angrily accuse me of having read the book for the course. "You're not smart. You read the book! That's the only reason you aced this."

Dina Lohan Felt 'Ambushed' By Matt Lauer: Friend

Aug 13th 2010 3:25PM Dina, you are the Queen of Denial.

Lindsay Refuses to Leave Jail Until She Gets Hair Done

Jul 29th 2010 12:10PM Is it legal to let women serve a small portion of their sentence when men have to serve a longer part of theirs? Also, what does celebrity status have to do with it? The celebrity cell block does not seem to be croweded. This is discrimination. Where is the ACLU?

Lindsay Lohan's Plan to Stay Out of Jail

Jul 12th 2010 4:04PM She needs to learn she is nothing special. We don't have royalty in this country. Keep her in jail for the full 90 days.

David Letterman Forces Regis Philbin to Eat Seafood (VIDEO)

Jun 26th 2010 11:59AM Letterman is a jerk. And the way he sits on a high chair to make his guests look small is pathetic. What a narcissistic ass.

Survey: British Women Suffer Worst Menopause Symptoms; Where Do Americans Rate?

Jun 15th 2010 11:21PM For Pete's sake. The symptoms other than hot flashes and night sweats can be caused by the lack of sleep brought on by the hot flashes and night sweats.


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