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Geegee Davis

Geegee Davis

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5 Priceless Benefits to a Snoring Dog

Dec 7th 2011 10:23AM My toy poodle sleeps right beside me. As a matter of fact, she comes and tells me when it's time to go to bed. Listening to her snore her tiny snore is so relaxing, and comforting to me. It's wonderful to have this little trusting girl sleeping right there. I listen to her and it puts me to sleep every night. She is a blessing to me.

What We're Trying Now: Orange Lips

Jul 7th 2011 10:31PM Orange lipstick looks awful on most people. Especially me.

Bird's Eye View: Feather Hair Extensions

Jun 7th 2011 11:07AM This is stupid. Anything to make money. That's it. If people wore balls of manure in their hair, some stupid people would think it is lovely and do the same thing. People are nothing but sheep and will follow a 'head sheep' and jump off a cliff if that is where the head sheep went. How Dumb !!!

James Arness, Iconic 'Gunsmoke' Lawman, Dead at 88

Jun 3rd 2011 4:23PM His name was Festus... Did you know that he originally was a Shakespearean actor? I loved Festus. He was great.. but so was Chester... the guy that limped and loved fried potatoes.

James Arness, Iconic 'Gunsmoke' Lawman, Dead at 88

Jun 3rd 2011 4:07PM We gathered around the TV set when I was a young child to watch "Gunsmoke" and to see how James Arness as Matt Dillon, would rid Dodge City, Kansas of some outlaw. James Arness was a hero in our house in the role of Matt Dillon. Everybody I knew loved his strength, fortitude, and courage as the town's bastion of law and order. He was a man's man...but was always a gentleman and yet a man of few words.. but when he spoke, what he said mattered. James Arness was made for the role, and all of America loved him. He will be sorely missed, but never forgotten. God bless you, Mr. Dillon !!!

LeAnn Rimes on Bikini Photo: Those Are Abs, Not Bones

May 31st 2011 12:05PM Ever since I saw a photo of Rimes picking her nose, I have found her to be a truly SICKENING individual. Pure hick..redneck. Only the good Lord can possibly love this repulsive woman. I don't want to see her or hear her.

Mother's Day Gifts -- Traditional Ways to Thank Your Mom

Apr 29th 2011 12:54AM My mother died in 1980 at age 62. She had cancer for eight years. I still miss her terribly. She was an intelligent, gentle, caring, mother. I was fortunate to have the mother I had for as long as I had, even though she died too young. She enriched my life in thousands of ways. If your mother is living, rejoice, and let her know how much you love her. She loves you so much.

Top 10 Children's Easter Books

Apr 22nd 2011 6:42PM How about "The Velveteen Rabbit?"

Is Roadkill Safe to Eat?

Apr 20th 2011 9:03PM What a disgusting topic !! Out of all the topics, it seems there would be something we could express our views about rather than eating roadkill. If I was starving to death, perhaps I'd eat roadkill. Otherwise, I will go to the grocery store and get some chicken or beef. And I don't forget to cook it WELL done. Let's move on to another topic, PLEASE !!!

Dolly Parton and Elton John: Royal Wedding Duet?

Apr 20th 2011 10:01AM Like who cares if the wedding is green or purple or what?? Just get on with it I say. You know they are gonna spend like there is no tomorrow. But who gives a real rat's ass?


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