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Brian Maderos

Brian Maderos

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Airlines Charged $7.8 Billion in Fees in 2009

May 4th 2010 8:46PM It is all those nit-pickin' charges that have currently made my wife and I make the decision to avoid flying. It is very uncomfortable to have the person in front of you put their seat all the way back into your face without so much as an apology for their action to make themselves comfortable at your expense. We only fly if we have to do so. I would rather drive and be frugal than to spend our money on all the additional fees the airlines claim they have to have to survive. The ailine's faire will be paid with someone else's money...not ours.

Airline Fees on the Rise: What You Need to Know

Apr 7th 2010 3:37PM Folks. If you keep increasing your prices. The middle class is going to write off flying. And you can keep your airplanes to yourselves.....

How to clean vinyl siding

Oct 30th 2007 9:10PM In Florida, one must be careful NOT to power wash because of what it will do to the other side of what you are cleaning. It will cause mildew and mold if one uses a power washer. It is recommended that you use "Orange" cleaner and the water hose...gently.

Controversial Urinals in Vienna

Sep 1st 2007 4:45PM Heather,
Did you hate your father and your grandfather too?
Some men are really good people. Chill lady!!!

Ashton's Christmas Gift to Demi

Dec 16th 2006 8:32AM From the mouths of the discontented comes complaint, from the wisest of the rich, philanthropic statements of silence.


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